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2013 Ride of the Year

Keith Jarvis (SilverSpecial)

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July 2014
Ride of the Month

Ron DeFoe (dmondeac)

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June 2014
Ride of the Month

James Mina (Ja300mes)

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Keith (SilverSpecial)

Keith has built an amazing website the shows off the features of his 300M Special named M-Pressive. The website is filled with pictures and information about all of his one-of-a-kind modifications. Please take a moment and check it out here.

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2014 Carlisle Meet -- Recap!!!!

Our 2014 Carlisle, PA meet is in the books. It was an amazing weekend full of fun, friends, family, and some surprises.

Click the banner above to read the recap, we certainly had a busy weekend that none of us will forget.

Please consider joining us next year, we know you will have a good time. We had many first time attendees this year and we hope to top our record breaking attendance numbers in 2015.

Message From the President, July 3rd, 2014


Fellow LH Owners and Enthusiasts,

The count down has dwindled to days and soon it will be hours - Carlisle is just around the corner! As our biggest meet of the year, it's always so wonderful to generate all this excitement. The 300M club continues to represent and will be attending for its 13th year. Funny how so many summer plans revolve around the Carlisle weekend!

Be sure to checkout the first ever Intake Spacer Event! Thanks to the generous donation from Ryan Riley, you have the opportunity to participate by joining the club or renewing your membership - something you would be doing anyway, right?! This membership/renewal will give you one entry into the event and open the possibility to purchase two more tickets. You have until July 10th at 10pm EST to participate so don't wait!

We're a week away from Carlisle 2014! There's been lots of chatter about mods and meet prep. It's so great to see the group rally around such a big event. Food prep has begun, final mods are in crunch time, and cleaning is endless! Looking forward to the largest turnout in years - we've got a prime showfield spot so let's show them what the 300M and this club still stands for!

Many thanks for the nominees and participants who have volunteered to be a part of the ROM contest. We have a recent push to get many participants and we have some great contests ahead of us in the next few months. Keep the nominees coming so we can finish the year strong and produce a great calendar!

Up next, a full website redesign! Following the Carlisle meet we will begin the redesign of out club site and database. If you have suggestions or recommendations, please reach out to me at President@300mclub.org. We will likely have a new site to show off in a few short months.

I continue to be impressed and thankful when it comes to the caliber of members that we have in this club. Not only is there a huge wealth of knowledge about our cars but the people are genuinely helpful and generous. Each year Lindsey and I have coordinated food for the group there has been an outpouring of offers to help. We greatly appreciate the group effort to make it a phenomenal weekend. Additionally, it is so nice to see the family support that is offered among the group. The highs and lows, we're a part of it all, a true family.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you in a week. For those not making the trip to PA, please follow the meet on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and on the forum! Make the commitment to attend in 2015, you will not regret it.

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Keith Jarvis

Club President

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