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2013 Ride of the Year

Keith Jarvis (SilverSpecial)

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August 2014
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Donatas Jasaitis (procid)

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July 2014
Ride of the Month

Ron DeFoe (dmondeac)

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Keith (SilverSpecial)

Keith has built an amazing website the shows off the features of his 300M Special named M-Pressive. The website is filled with pictures and information about all of his one-of-a-kind modifications. Please take a moment and check it out here.

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What's so special about the 300m SPECIAL?  300M  Special
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2014 Ocean City, Maryland Meet -- October 9-12, 2014!

Our 2014 Ocean City Maryland meet is right around the corner in October. This is our last large meet of the year and is a much more relaxed environment that focuses on friends and food.

Click the banner above to read about the meet, you need to book your room and register your car soon if you plan on attending.

Please consider joining us in Ocean City for this meet, we know you will have a good time.

Message From the President, August 3rd, 2014


Fellow LH Owners and Enthusiasts,

While Carlisle feels like it was light years ago, it hasn't even been a month. We have finally put away the last of the meet gear and going through out 300M Enthusiasts Club family withdrawal. While I have been able to get M-Pressive out to some local shows, it's never the same as attending a meet with members of the club and sharing in that camaraderie. I see other local car clubs and often think that they're nothing like what we share together and I'm so thankful for that.

This year's Chrysler Nationals meet in Carlisle was an amazing turnout of cars and members - the largest we've had in years! As always it's a busy weekend and this year was like none other. Be sure to check out the meet write up here! Lindsey and I don't feel like we could possibly say it enough, but many thanks to all who participate, support, and make Carlisle such a success! We hope to see even more members next year!

Our first ever Intake Spacer event concluded in July with great success! Thanks to Ryan Riley for his donation of the spacer and thinking up this great membership driving event. To all of those that participated, thank you! Congratulations again to Bobby DelPonte for winning the spacer! We hope run another contest next year with a different prize.

Up next, Ocean City! While it means the end of the summer and conclusion of another wonderful car meet season, it's always a wonderful time to gather with friends. Please consider joining the group this year. Hotel and car registration details may be found here. Drive your car on the boardwalk, share a bucket of Thrasher's fries, and eat ice cream every night! It's always a relaxing weekend with great food and friends!

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Keith Jarvis

Club President

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