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 #378935  by adu1982
 May 4th, 2019, 6:35 pm
Drove it yesterday and today and she drives fine, snappier I think but I do have issues. PRNDL are all lighted up in P and N and nothing is shown in 2 & 3. D and R show normal when you switch to them. Read the code this morning P0705 and P1899. I read here it's transmission out of range. Cleared, adjusted the shift cable , took battery off. As soon as I changed past neutral, same thing . Only I'll effect I saw so far was cruise lights up but doesn't set (seems normal cause of code ).

For those who don't know, it's a 2.7 transmission (60k miles) of a 2002 Intrepid that I put in my 01 LHS.
Compared the harness and they were the same, just checked connectors with mine and same color wires. After messing with the shift cable it now shows pending P0705, P1784.

Anybody have any ideeas?

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 #379023  by user97
 May 20th, 2019, 5:27 pm

I know I am late to this party -- so probably the issue is sorted out. Just in case if it is not, here are my two cents: I would start by checking the state of the range sensor manually -- if memory serves me right it basically has multiple switches that are either closed or open and the combination of those switches corresponds to the state of the transmission. The P1899 or P1784 could potentially be caused by valid but erroneous output of the range sensor -- i.e. if the transmission is NOT in the gear the range sensor indicates the state of the pressure switches might be unexpected.

I would also check the voltage drop with the engine running between negative terminal and engine/transmission itself. On the Pacifica I chased numerous TCM fault codes only to discover that the problem was due to the rusted off ground straps. The car would still start and drive somewhat OK.

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 #379025  by mnitetrain
 May 20th, 2019, 8:31 pm
Adi 98-01 had separate TCM-02-04 TCM was incorporated into PCM. Did you use the original harness from the 01 trans??
I think you need the 02harness

Actually you need the harness from you original Special trans.
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 #379026  by adu1982
 May 20th, 2019, 8:41 pm
I thought about that too, because it did change Midway through 01.. But when I checked visually the harness wire colors matched and also all connectors matched, but maybe they are wired just a wire or two different. I will swap them as soon as I can and report back.
Thanks for the suggestions so far guys.

Adi, the transmission is of a 02 intrepid 2.7 car. I left the wire harness on it as it looked like mine (it went into my 3.5 2001 Lhs) and plugged correctly in. Supposedly this donor transmission had 60k miles.
Also it can't be the 2.7 gears/chain right?
I know some people changed the rear chain for improved snapier shifting, without having any codes.

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