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 #379391  by rafaelornellas08
 June 17th, 2019, 11:21 pm
Hello my friends, I'm from Brazil, passionate about American cars, mainly for Chrysler, and even more for 300m! It is very difficult to diagnose a problem here, and I want to share my problem with you, I have visited the forums and other sites and can not find any other car with the same problem.
In the facebook group, they gave some similar reports, but the proposed solution does not enter my head!
Some facts:

- The car has been shut down for 3 years due to documentation problems and the radiator mixes water and transmission fluid.

- I replaced all sensors, battery, radiator, transmission fluid (Valvoline ATF4), oil, filters, did a good review

- Car used only for weekend trips, about 700 miles traveled in a year

- everything perfect, until the current problem appeared, I do not know if it is coincidence, but I started days after going through a very strong rain!

- noise sounds like a mouse, a very loud noise, only in "d" or "r", in neutral does not make

- I think it may be differential bearing, but I'm not sure about that, in the facebook group, they said the problem is a transmission filter, but I do not see any sense in this, does anyone help me?

Hugs to all, thanks for now!

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:
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 #379394  by FIREM
 June 18th, 2019, 6:55 am
Very strange noise indeed.
I'm guessing you have checked brakes and CV joints already. After sitting for 3 years did you also change the brake fluid. Could be a hanging caliper or the little shield for the rotor near the lower balljoint. CV boots all good, you mentioned it happened after heavy rain, maybe a CV joint is washed out.
Thoroughly check everything before condemning the trans.
You mentioned that the trans cooler failed and mixed coolant and trans fluid. Hope you flushed and got all the coolant out of the trans. Trans clutches can be easily damaged by coolant.
Let us know your findings.
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 #379515  by ggariepy
 June 24th, 2019, 11:08 pm
You need to get the car safely suspended on a lift, and then listen for the noise with the engine running and the transmission in gear from underneath using a mechanic's stethoscope.

You will have to be very careful while doing this. I would recommend you take it to a professional garage and have them put it up in the air for you. You cannot be too careful when trying to diagnose a problem that only appears while the car is in gear and running. Stay away from the front wheels and the axle shafts -- DO NOT TOUCH them.

In this way you can stop guessing where the noise is coming from and find it exactly.

Another, less good but still useful alternative is to purchase a set of "chassis ears". These will take more time because you have to locate them on different parts of the car, have a passenger listen for the noise while you drive, and try to find the problem, but if you have patience it will work.

Let us know how you do, and thank you for the videos of a 300M in Brazil!
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