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 #381312  by LESchwartz
 November 18th, 2019, 8:23 pm
The transmission recently went into limp mode for my daughter on my '02 300m w/220K. Transmission shop said they only saw a "battery disconnect" code associated with the transmission. I had them change the fluid and filter anyway (it was time). They also saw engine codes "P0073 Ambient Air Temperature Sensor" and a code for a "misfire of cylinder #4" . I'm don't think either have anything to do with the transmission. I am also inclined to ignore the misfire, since I did a complete "tune up" with Iridium plugs about 20K ago.

So what would cause the vehicle to throw a P0073?

Thanks in advance,

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 #381315  by FIREM
 November 19th, 2019, 12:22 pm
WHEN MONITORED The ignition key ON.
SET CONDITION The Ambient Temperature Sensor voltage is greater than 4.94 volts . One Trip Fault.
Intermittent condition
Ambient temperature sensor signal circuit shorted to battery voltage
Ambient temperature sensor internal failure
Ambient temperature sensor signal circuit open
Sensor ground circuit open
Sensor actually Intake Air Temp located in elbow near throttle body. Maybe connector got knocked loose or dust on sensor.
Many times " Voltage High" is not a short rather the sensor connection is loose.