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 #382426  by M-Pressive
 February 24th, 2020, 8:15 am
Hey Everyone,

Really trying to get the black car through a couple more years but it has been leaking oil recently and it has me a bit concerned.

We were under it this weekend to swap out the trans cooler line clamps because they were leaking as well and noticed a lot of built up gunk and oil.

Looks like the valve covers and rear cam seals are leaking. Both of these items were replaced in 2016 and I am confident tackling them again. The oil pan is leaking as well, I have the parts to swap that since the plug was stripped out but it also looks like the rear main seal may be leaking. The collar area just has a bunch of oil on it that looks like it is dripping from the center of the back of the engine.

Can I do the rear main with the engine in the car? I bought the kit which has the round ring and the gasket for the plate. Anyone done this job before?

I assume if I do all these things the car should not leak oil anymore? Anyone has tips on doing the seal? I can't pull the motor so it would need to be done in the car.

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 #382454  by FIREM
 February 24th, 2020, 9:31 pm
Rear seal can be done in the car but the trans would have to come out. Personally I would rather pull the engine. Be sure it is actually the rear main. Tell tale sign would be the flex plate would look like wet spin art as the oil would sling off with the engine running. Rare to be the actual rear seal.
 #382462  by cin993
 February 25th, 2020, 11:09 am
You could also try some UV dye added to the engine oil to isolate the leak.

I'd try and first clean the engine where its leaking oil with carb cleaner or brake clean.

Then add the UV dye, run the engine or drive for 10 minutes and check for leaks with the UV light right away. Keep checking after every 10-20 minutes of driving until you see the UV dye and pinpoint the leak.

Don't just add the dye and then wait and drive it for a couple weeks because the dye will spread everywhere