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 #385975  by Floater
 September 27th, 2020, 5:25 pm
Hello everyone

Tonight as I was heading home I was introduced to a nasty knocking / ticking sound from the engine as I started the car. Had to lend another car to get home. First I thought that it must be some bearing knock, but after reading some post here I am starting to think it could also be coming from the rocker arms and/or lifters?

I think the sound is similar to the one that is normally heard for a second when cold starting, but maybe louder and stayed on. It did quiet down slowly in like a minute or two, but did not go away entirely.

Is there a way to recognize between a bearing knock and a rocker arm tick noise?

I did replace the spark plugs and ignition coils just 3 weeks ago as the engine was running really rough and under powered. I think the plugs were the culprit as they were pretty badly worn out and had like a double the spark gap of the normal. But I assume this can't have anything to do with today's problems?

As always, appreciate any ideas
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 #385978  by FIREM
 September 28th, 2020, 7:44 am
Post up a video, that may help. Typically lash adjusters/lifters quiet down quickly. Rocker noises tend to come from the top of the engine, rods from the lower end. Rod knock will often get louder on deceleration also .