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 #384543  by LUNAT1C
 June 15th, 2020, 3:59 pm
Valve cover gaskets were done in 2015 when I replaced the rocker assemblies with updated units... chasing a tick that turned out to be stupid simple...

One side cam plate oring was done at that time as well. Skipped the other side out of frustration, which appears to be the culprit now. I’ll be on the lookout for long cheap brushes to dedicate to engine room grime once the known leaks are fixed. Oring arriving end of this week, fuel injection clamps should be as well.

The work will wait until the end of the month though. Deep cut on my index finger on Saturday that needed stitches. They’re coming out Monday. I won’t risk busting them or getting an infection by working on the car until I’m confident its healed.
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 #384544  by FIREM
 June 15th, 2020, 5:23 pm
Had to redo the van plates on FIREM recently that’s when I also found the PCV hose wet. Sorry to hear about your finger. Old school mechanics would just wrap it up with electrical tape and get back to work. LOL
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 #384555  by LUNAT1C
 June 15th, 2020, 9:42 pm
I was hoping they'd be able to get away with liquid nails to hold the meat back down... but nope! :lol:
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 #384736  by LUNAT1C
 June 28th, 2020, 1:40 am
So, the stitches came out Monday. PA said to wait 5-7 days before putting any weight or pressure on it. So naturally five days later I dug into the car again. :lol:

I took off the plenum and upper tie bar, replaced the driver side cam plate plate o-ring. I also did the MTV o-ring while it was all accessible. The MTV had some oil soak at the bottom. Cam plate was totally soaked in oil and the o-ring appeared to be compressed down below the plate. There's no way it wasn't leaking.
Old next to new.
I also popped off the top cooler line connection and cut off the compressed end of it. Barely got the line reconnected with the 3/8's fuel injection clamps... Probably should have got 1/2".

I did a few other things, got the collar, stabilizer bar, wheels back on and dropped it back on the ground. Going to cars and coffee tomorrow at Detail Garage Detroit East (Local Chemical Guys supplier), over in Sterling Heights. Maybe next weekend it'll go back on the stands for an oil change and wheel ring fitment, I'll check to see if there's anything fresh. I cleaned more crud from underneath as well. From the cooler lines and subframe. I'll do more during the oil change.
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 #385292  by LUNAT1C
 July 31st, 2020, 9:24 pm
I haven’t seen any noteworthy spots under the car since replacing those o-rings and trimming/replacing the upper trans line worm clamp with a FI clamp. Since I have the nose blown apart right now for other things, I thought it was a good opportunity to remove the fan assembly and trim the lower supply line at the radiator to the auxiliary cooler, and get a FI clamp down there. I also went through several more towels from my tub-o-towels cleaning up the gunk down there and below the radiator. I’ll clean up the fan assembly more tomorrow and then start putting the car back together. Show next Sunday that I’m thinking of attending.

Not very many miles were put on the car since doing the previous work, maybe a hundred miles, but I was glad to see the upper hose connection was still dry. I was still seeing fluid collecting at the bottom of the cross member, so hoping the work tonight puts a stop to that once and for all.

I cleaned the fans too, but I might hit them with my APC and scrub them to get all the tight corners, and hose them off.
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 #387659  by LUNAT1C
 April 7th, 2021, 3:02 pm
So last year I cleaned up the underside of the engine as best I could with tub-o-towels, then trimmed the trans cooler hoses back about an inch and replaced the worm drive clamps with fuel injection style clamps. I also replaced the driver's rear cam plate o-ring. Passenger o-ring was done a few years ago at the same time as the valve cover gaskets. I pulled the car out of hibernation a few times to stretch her legs before getting down to replacing the control arms and other components, slipping fresh cardboard under it. After sitting for a week or so before I could get to the suspension work, I noticed a fresh oil spot directly under the rear of the engine, driver's side.

Unless the cam plate is somehow loose (I would expect much more oil if it was, looking at a small wet spot less than a few inches in diameter, looks bigger than it is from the cardboard absorbing it and spreading), I suspect something to do with the PCV. The hose coming off the valve was replaced in 2009, valve is unknown age since I didn't record when I last replaced it. I don't recall doing it at either of our rentals in Berkley, so it would have been at least 7 years ago or more. All other hoses are factory. I've never noticed oil on the hoses anywhere before and I was certainly in that area to have the plenum off for the cam plate o-ring, plenum o-ring, and cleaning the IAC valve last Fall. Next time I get under it or open the hood I'll shine a light around to see if I can find a new trail, didn't this time because I already have bits of rust and dirt on the floor from the strut rod coming out. Made a mess that I'll need to clean up before I roll around in it.

Other possibility is cutting back the cooler lines did nothing. I noticed fluid hanging on them, but that was at the front of the engine and there were no drips in that area. Might have been a fluke or leftover fluid that leaked into the radiator support from the oopsie-murder-scene last year.

I did note a small spot of oil on the concrete after pulling the car out for the first time since October, but it wasn't fresh.