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 #387706  by telenova
 April 13th, 2021, 8:56 am
Hello, the fan motor on my 300M now goes on for a second immediately after starting and then goes off again immediately.
After about 10 - 30 seconds it goes on again for 1 second and then off again ... it repeats endless.
Only (!!!) when the engine has reached its operating temperature does the engine fan work according to plan.
I checked whether the engine temperature sensor is defective, disconnected the connector, fans go on directly and the engine indicator light comes on.
I have already checked the engine temperature with Android Torque. Everything OK! Completely plausible values, without dropouts.

The A/C is definitely shut off, if it is activated, the A/C will also work normally.
I have already swapped the relays for the fans in the motor fuse box.
I already renewed and bleed the coolant yesterday. The mistake remains.
The engine never overheats and keeps its temperature wonderfully.
Since the fans draw a lot of current, you can also see it in the dark by the fact that the speedometer lighting always briefly goes dark when the fans go on for a second. it's frustrating.
According to the workshop manual, the fans should only turn on above 106 ° C and off again at 102 ° C.

What could that be?

Unfortunately, by the way, it's the 2.7L EER engine.
I've been driving the car for 8 years now.