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 #387847  by In-trepid
I'm looking for definitive information on ride height for a 300m Special. I have searched the forum and found some information that others have posted, but I'm not sure if that is the ride height for a base or a Special. Where can I find these numbers? The Factory Service Manual is mentioned, but I can't seem to find it. Also, it is my belief that there should be two sets of numbers - one set for a base and one set for a Special. I am aware that this is measured at the wheel centerline to the uppermost opening of the wheel well with a full tank of gas and only the spare tire in the trunk. If you don't know the answer, I would encourage you to post the settings for your car along with what you are using for struts/springs. It will give us a good consensus of what the different ride heights are.

I have 3 Specials, all are a bit different.

2002 Black Special - Monroe Quick struts up front, fairly new KYB Quick struts in the rear. Gives the appearance of sitting very high in the rear.
Driver's Side Front: 28 1/8
Driver's Side Rear: 30
Passenger Side Front: 28 1/8
Passenger Side Rear: 30

2002 New Black Special - Monroe struts/ OEM Springs, Mounts ,and spring cushions struts up front, 100% original Special struts/springs in the rear. Car sits very flat and level.
Driver's Side Front: 28 3/4
Driver's Side Rear: 28 3/4
Passenger Side Front: 28 3/4
Passenger Side Rear: 28 3/4

2004 Gray Special - Monroe Quick struts all the way around. Car looks to sit high all the way around.
Driver's Side Front: 28 1/8
Driver's Side Rear: 29 1/4
Passenger Side Front: 29
Passenger Side Rear: 29 3/4
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 #387848  by FIREM
As best I could tell over the years all have the same ride height. Special is only “lower” due to bumper covers and cladding that is about 1/2” lower ground clearance.
Remember the FSM specs are 18+ years old( along with the springs and suspension components ) and are pass/fail manufacturing dimensions.
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 #387851  by LUNAT1C
I'll repost what I responded to your facebook post with. Might be a relatively accurate case study of stock Special (mine) vs other LHs (black car on Interceptor suspension).

2002 Blue Special

Factory Special springs. OEM replacement struts. Factory rear mounts, OEM replacement front mounts. PB spring isolators all around.

Tires are a factor here. Mine are oversized, 245/40/20 Continental ExtremeContact Sport. Gas tank relatively full. Audio system in the trunk, rear seat replaced with buckets.

LF: 29 1/8"
LR: 29"
RF: 29"
RR: 29 1/8"

2002 Black Special

Police package struts and springs. Factory rear mounts (I think). OEM replacement front mounts (I think, could be aftermarket KYB). PB spring isolators all around.

Tires are oversized 245/40/20 Hankook Ventus V12 Evo.

LF: 29 3/4"
LR: 30 1/8"
RF: 29 3/8"
RR: 30"

Specials were advertised as 1" lower factory. This was achieved by 1/2" lowering spring, and the difference made up in the cladding. It's not perfect, but knowing my trunk has more weight (black car has a full-ish tank and nothing in the trunk but a Mopar rubber mat) and police springs are theoretically about the same as any other LH spring height (this set in particular has been on the black car since 2013/2014), there is roughly 1/2" difference between the black car and my blue car with stock springs. Unless of course someone has literature describing the police suspension as being a different spring height and strut height from all other LH suspensions, I honestly don't know.