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 #389339  by BigMike60
Gave the M to my grandsons a couple of weeks ago. The M has been "dead" the last few mornings. Previously, it would take several days (4-5 days) of non-use for it to be "dead." I had used a three day rotation with my other cars, and had a battery tender on it while it was in one of my storage garages, so it had not happened to me for a while. I also had a portable charger battery ready in the trunk in case it was needed. I changed out the battery about 2 years ago when this stuff happened the first time. The first battery failed and the dealer replaced that one. At one time the driver seat failed to work, but then later it did start working again OK. I am wondering if anyone can suggest what the problem could be if the battery is in fact OK? A "short" somewhere? Where? Alternator? Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.
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 #389340  by FIREM
Most auto parts stores will test battery and alternator on car for free. Suggest checking out the local Advance Auto parts to see if they can do this.
Do they have AAA? They can even do it at the house for them.
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 #389341  by M-Pressive
You still have aftermarket lights on it? Possible they are drawing power all the time and killing the battery each night?
 #389345  by BigMike60
I will pass this info on to my son-in-law to checkout. They have AAA, (as I do) and I did not even know they might be able to do that. The Pella lights in the grill shut off when car is turned off. I will check with installer to see if a drain there is possible from where he connected into the system. I always ran them when operating the car as "running lights". The original ones I put in died several years ago and the Pellas are fairly new. Any thoughts on a short in seat mechanism? The rheostat that runs the headlights, etc. is kinda querky too, so I never used the A position (Automatic) or rotated the brightness knob because that would blink the interior lighting. I set that and left it alone, and turned on / off headlights manually.
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 #389356  by Sneke_Eyez
Lots of quirky stuff happens with these cars with a bad battery.
I'd start with having the battery tested and go from there.
I have not heard of many electrical issues with these cars such as shorts, obviously your aftermarket lighting adds another element to that, but I'd start with battery first.
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