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 #390824  by Countachqv
my wife reported a light on my car she had been using. she always get the issues.
I found a P622 with the battery light on at all time followed by a 344.
The electrical seat adjust do not work anymore and trying to charge the battery on a tender I would not get a charge light
any idea?

I replaced the alternator and the codes are not coming back. I was pretty sure the alternator was the issue with the battery light and the 622 but I suspected something else as well. the seat worked sometime and I never had issues before this. Strange. and the front door courtesy were no longer working and still not working. I had a noise thru the radio but that went with the new alternator.
Along with the P344 which is the crankshaft sensor I believe I had some sort of short maybe? My wife complain the car was getting a rough drive (p344?) but when I took it, it was fine.
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 #390825  by FIREM
Low system voltage and electrical "noise" from a failing alternator will do weird things. 12v DC Electrical systems don't appreciate A/C Ripple Voltage from failing diodes or rectifiers.
I would also double check the SSR Fuse in under hood Power Distribution box ( I think it is fuse T) as it controls "field" voltage for charging. Check for any corrosion on the fuse contacts just to be sure it did not cause any issues.
P0344 would be Camshaft Sensor, again could be from low system voltage. (Crank Sensor would be P033XX)
 #390826  by Countachqv
right, camshaft code. well fuse is good and clean. radio dont buzz any more like when running with bad alternator and seat works again. I ll have to see what happen to the front door inside lights . both are now out but car is running normal again. sensor code definitely caused by voltage issue.
I dont understand why manufacturers of what was an expensive car did not protect from spikes. After all the battery should regulate the voltage somewhat already.