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Repair Questions and Answers.

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 #391956  by M-Pressive
Been having some random issues with M-Pressive and a dead battery.

Tried to recondition it since it is AGM. Tests fine but dies right away or the car won't start.

Add it to the list of stuff it needs before Myrtle Beach.

Along with new check valves for the air ride system and a few other annoying issues.

It never seems to end.
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 #391958  by Sneke_Eyez
That's annoying! Jimmy just had the same problem with the battery in his 200. It wouldn't start in my driveway this weekend so we reconditioned it and it still had the problem later in the week. He finally had to warranty replace it.
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 #391959  by LUNAT1C
Aftermarket batteries tend to last 3-5 years at best, particularly the parts store batteries. Even OEM ones are terrible, my Jeeps original Mopar branded JCI battery quit a few days before we took a road trip up north to Mackinac, 3.5 years old. I installed a Duralast battery in my M when I bought it in 2009 and replaced it with a Platinum AGM from AAP in 2014. That one died 6 months later one cold January morning, warrantied it. Replacement was starting to wheeze right before Ocean City 2019, which is pretty good for 5 years of abusive repeated drains.

Jeep and M both have X2 Power Premium (AGM blue top) batteries from Batteries+. They're expensive, but they're rebranded Northstar batteries, which from my research is supposedly a really good manufacturer based in the US. Jeep still turns right over and so does the M even after sitting for a month. So far so good.

Supposedly Odyssey is another great brand, overlanders frequently use them in dual battery setups in Jeeps and Toyotas.
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 #391960  by M-Pressive
I got 4 out of an agm and that car is rough on batteries.

I guess I shouldn’t be complaining and would do less if replacing it was not a giant pain.

It is ordered. Need to pick it up today and get it installed this weekend.

Would like to bring the car to MB. May be out of commission for a lot of 2023. Time to pull it apart for one last paint job. Paint this time with a couple last custom touches.

Ready to start a new project and just enjoy this one.
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 #391967  by EasyRider300M
i expect I will get at least 10 years from my present battery....I only drive 1000 miles a year and keep the battery on a maintainer.
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 #391968  by M-Pressive
About the same for me Steve. Car sits on a tender and goes to shows.

The battery will still go bad even with those factors. Ultimately driving the car more will make the battery last longer in my opinion.
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 #391969  by FIREM
Guessing you are using an AGM spiral battery, Deep Cycle type. The challenge with that style is charging and maintaining. Usually specific AGM Chargers and routines are needed for longer life.
A lead acid flooded deep cycle would likely last longer however it
may need periodic maintenance of adding distilled waters.
Batteries Plus near by? They may have another style of AGM battery and or charging solutions.
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 #391983  by M-Pressive
New AGM battery installed.

Car fired right up.

We do have a special AGM style charger for that car.

Hopefully the issue was the battery and not something draining it.

Replaced the check valves in the air ride system too. Will see if that keeps the tank filled.
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 #391985  by RobNJ
I have switched to Walmart batteries for all of my vehicles and trailers. I have had excellent results with them.
The one on the 300M was about 8 years old and i decided to preemptively change since its such a pain to get to. I bet it still had life, but i didnt want to risk it.
Key thing is to look at the date code sticker and buy the newest built battery and not one sitting for a few months. Usually a letter for the month, A for January, and a digit for the last part of year.