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 #395483  by Chanley
Hello all, new here. Had a question about the oil pressure light...

I did an oil change on my Chrysler 300m it's an 02 but it has an 04 motor in it. Any how, after doing my oil change, I drove my car maybe five miles down the road and when stopped at a red light my oil pressure light came on. I went to AutoZone and bought an oil pressure sensor/switch and replaced it ( the one located by the oil filter) but no changes has been made in the oil pressure light. Is actually starting to come on more unless the car is in motion. Any ideas?
 #395484  by rustybronco
You need to remove the sender and install a mechanical gauge. That will tell you the actual oil pressure. You have either the incorrect oil weight, the bearing clearances are increasing, the oil pump is failing or something internally is allowing the engine oil to be returned to the sump such as a bad lifter (unlikely.) Most likely are excessive bearing clearances, incorrect oil viscosity or oil contaminated by fuel.

What do you mean by "Is actually starting to come on more" That sounds bearing clearance related.
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 #395486  by FIREM
As noted, remove the oil light switch ( THROW IT AWAY!) and check the pressure with a known accurate gauge. 5psi hot idle minimum, 30 psi above 2000 rpm. 600 RPM min idle speed.
Did you use a different weight oil this change? 10w30 covers most temp ranges.
If psi is OK install a New OEM MOPAR switch.
Aftermarket switches are known to be inaccurate junk.
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 #395490  by Chanley
As far as the starting to come on more
It would just come on for a second at idle flash a couple of times and then go back off. And wouldn't come on again until like four or five stops. Now it comes on every time im stopped. I used 10w30 mobile 1 oil. The filter is a k&n filter. I'm honestly tied for money to get the compression test done is there another way to check it?
 #395491  by Chanley
And for the bearing clearance what do you mean by that? How would I check that or fix it?
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 #395493  by FIREM
Chanley, you kind of need to focus on one issue at a time.
Compression Test will have nothing to do with the oil pressure light.
Only way to positively confirm is to have the oil pressure checked with a real gauge connected to the engine. No scanner or plug in device, a gauge mechanically connected will tell the story.

As far as bearing clearance goes the engine would need to be disassembled to actually measure the wear. No other way. Repair would be rebuild or replace engine.
I doubt you really have an oil pressure problem.
Does your engine tick slightly at start up and it goes away? (that would be OK)
Does your engine tick or knock all the time? That is a problem.
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