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 #395501  by Nickertrip
My son's 2003 300m base just popped the P0700/P1776 solenoid CEL, so I opened the hood to reset the CEL by removing the fuse. The cap to the fuse box was melted on the left/engine side where the large wire enters the box. That loop part around the wire was actually stuck to the wire. What would cause this? We had the catalytic converters replaced right after purchase. Is there a heat shield that may be missing?

I have added pictures for reference. Also, the nut holding the main wire coming into the box was loose, so I tightened it.

PS...I have reviewed Piperdog's excellent P0700/P1776 explanation. I will take that to the transmission shop for them to reference.
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 #395502  by FIREM
Loose connection at that high power point = High Resistance = High Heat. Strongly recommend disconnecting the terminal, wire brush connections even if they look clean.
All vehicle loads other than the starter go thru that connection.
Be sure to disconnect the ground prior to work.
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