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 #395969  by MoPar~Guy
I've been noticing this for at least a year, it's probably getting gradually progressively worse.

When driving from a stop, very early under part throttle when the engine is doing maybe 1200 rpm I get a rattling noise that I thought might be a loose baffle in a muffler (one of the muffler/resonators). It only happens during a very narrow range of engine rpm. I can make it happen when in park, revving the engine very carefully to get and stay at that rpm, but it's tricky. When in drive with my foot on the brake and the gas I can make it happen much more easily.

I had a buddy outside the car and he immediately said it was something under the hood (from the driver's seat I couldn't tell).

With the hood open and standing over it, it sure seems like it's the AC compressor, or if not that then it's the engine right in that area (cylinder 2?). It happens when the compressor cable is plugged in (but A/C not turned on) and unplugged.

So if it's the compressor, it's going to be the cluch bearing. I haven't cracked open the service manual yet - are they removable?
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 #395970  by M-Pressive
You can buy the clutch and a front bearing kit with pulley.

Done the job twice. Both didn’t last long. Same noise came back within a few months.

I won’t do it again. I will just replace the compressor.
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 #396130  by MoPar~Guy
I did buy the clutch kit from rockauto for around $100. Its the whole clutch, including the coil which I left in the box. The new bearing turns a little more stifly than what was in the car, but I really couldn't sense any play in it and I would have thought it was fine. I did drive for a couple of days without the A/C belt and as expected there was no noise.

Upon the first drive with the new clutch I thought the noise had completely gone. Then over the next few days I heard the noise - very briefly. But yes I would now agree that the root of the problem is in the compressor. I wonder if altering the belt tension can have some effect (looser or tighter). I will try that next. Maybe change from a cogged belt to a standard belt.

I see currently on rockauto a reman Four Seasons compressor for about $130. ...
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 #396132  by FIREM
Tighter rather than loose helps. Long length of the belt amplifies the sound across the front cover.
 #396165  by 135sohc
New Denso can be had for around $200. Remans are trash, the chinese clones of the denso 10PA17C range from ok to complete crap. None of them come sealed with a shipping plate and pressurized, the denso units do.

Denso 4710265 is the number. The same exact compressor that Chrysler put on the car in Brampton.