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 #395890  by JohnnyP
The shop replaced the brake booster under warranty. They sent the car to the alignment shop next door and they installed a camber kit on the right side. But apparently it was for a Honda so it was removed, then they broke two wheel studs and ruined the hub with wheel bearing.

The car is ready for pickup, but I'm wondering why it needs a camber kit. OEM doesn't have this, correct?
This video explainc camber bolts:

The shop owner said it was in spec without it, but still pulled a little, but the camber kit fixed that. He said it still drifts "a little bit" occasionally.

They are asking $150 installed for the camber kit. Seems pretty high. They've had the car a week, I understand they can't work for nothing.
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 #395891  by LUNAT1C
Camber isn't adjustable from the factory, but in some cases it's wise to be able to do so. The kits allow alignment shops a finer tuning ability to dial the alignment in. Otherwise, toe is the only adjustment.

Similar situation in the rear where the rearmost lateral link is the only adjustable component. Some folks replace the solid forward lateral link with an adjustable one to gain finer adjustment abilities. I have yet to need this, but I may order the parts in the future to have on hand in case I do.
 #396003  by JohnnyP
Welp, I have to say it's still squirley.

It shows up mostly at freeway speeds on older highways with imperfections. A bump can send it left or right just enough so you feel the shift. It's not enjoyable to drive. My older and not well maintained Intrepid is solid and does not do that.

I had a "car guy" friend drive it yesterday and he said it feels like the rear wheels are steering the car when it happens. He was a BMW mechanic for 15 years, builds high end turbo cars, etc., has modified suspensions on his two BMW's. FWIW.

Is there anyone in SoCal that can diagnose this? Besides my friend's "real wheel" theory, the only thing I can think of is the replacement rack from rockauto is worn. It's the Cardone brand. But there is no play in the steering, so I doubt that.

I stopped at the dealer yesterday asking for a price on a new rack and was told they are no longer available. This all started two months ago when I paid them $375 to do a diagnosis, and they came up with a list of front end parts and the cost to replace, including $2500 to replace the rack. So they would have installed a reman rack.