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 #396008  by JohnnyP
The car slightly wanders left and right when going straight. It's most notable on the freeway. I noticed I was doing little "esses" when trying to keep up with it.

Also, when rounding a "sweeper" at high speed, I noticed it jumped sideways a little when going over dips or rough patches.

I just had all the front suspension components replaced, including the steering rack, and installed new Pirrelli P4's all around. Prior to all the work, it had quite a bit of torque steer, but that is pretty much gone.

The alignment shop said the camber was in spec but they installed a camber kit on the right front to get it closer, trying to solve the issue.

I had a "car guy" friend test drive it and he said it feels like the rear wheels are causing it. I have no idea. Is there anyone in SoCal that might know what to do?
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 #396010  by LUNAT1C
Do you have a printout showing front and rear alignment values?
 #396013  by JohnnyP
Yes, thanks for looking.

I will post them shortly.
 #396014  by JohnnyP
Ok, here is the alignment sheet
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 #396024  by JohnnyP
I just put about $6k into it. It's possible that, in a search for perfection, I'm imagining these things. Are there any 300M owners in my area that would take it for a spin and give me their opinion?
 #396026  by RobNJ
I would rotate or swap tires front and back and seeing anything changes. Were the rack bushings replaced? Wondering if the rack could be shifting.
For the sensation of movement during bumps, could be bump steer from an arm being bent. When I got my car it would shift left to right on bumps. The previous owner must have hit something and bent the right front lower track arm.
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 #396027  by FIREM
Bump Steer is often impacted by Toe Settings. Some vehicles more sensitive than others.
Alignment is also impacted by weight load. Fuel Level, trunk load etc? Some alignment racks can simulate driver weight that can effect alignment also.
Although the Toe is in spec I would try to set the rear as near to zero or one degree in as possible. "Dragging" rear tends to toe it out.
Set front one degree OUT, as power pulls the front wheels inward.
 #396028  by JohnnyP
I recently had two local shops install a bunch of parts from rockauto, including a reman'd steering rack, inner and outer tie rods, control arms, strut rod bushings, front and rear sway bar links, and KYB front strut/shock assemblies. I also had a set of new Pirelli P4's installed.

Other maintenance items replaced since I got it last November include: a brake booster, water pump, timing belt, evap canister, and the windshield. Still untouched are the rear shocks and the engine. I expect them to fail shortly. :)