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 #379833  by Sneke_Eyez
 July 16th, 2019, 2:04 pm
Oh man, what a great weekend!
Every year it screams by faster than the last.

It was wonderful to see everyone and I am grateful as always for the hard work of Keith and Lindsey to make Carlisle run as smoothly as it does each and every year.

As far as my cars go, this year was wonderful for me because it was so much less stressful - no parking lot vehicle reassembly this year! (Though there was at least one incident of parking cone yelling. :D )

It is always an honor to have my Intrepid honored by the Club and the show attendees and I was blown away to see that the Special was a show winner as well.
Unfortunately it followed its usual complicated relationship with me on Sunday - it came to the winner's area, then overheated before it could participate in the parade, which was a shame.

I am glad that everyone made it home safe and sound!
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 #379863  by FIREM
 July 17th, 2019, 8:32 pm
StealthM wrote: July 16th, 2019, 12:38 pm Hello everyone.... What a great weekend. It was awesome seeing all of you folks again. This was me and Stephs second trip to Carlisle and it was better then the last. All the hard work that everyone put into their rides was so evident. Everyone deserves a job well done. Keith and Lindsey a huge kudos to you, everything went smoothly. I was blown away by this years parking lot repair shop. Dash swaps and suspension overhauls, who can say there club does that... The fact that so many of you guys jump in to do that is impressive and I commend you all. Me and Steph are proud to be a part of this fantastic family and thank you all for allowing us to be a part of it. Yeah the cars are great but its the people that make it outstanding. Still didn't get my Hellcat ride but theirs always next I would also like to thank everyone who voted for StealthM what an honor to be chosen by my peers. It means a lot to us considering the level of work that everyone puts into their M's. In my book you are all winners. A special thanks to Mr. Day. Your an inspiration and I am happy to be your car show patawan. Thanks for getting StealthM healthy again after my screw up..... although you did sweat all over my clean engine and I will get my torque wrench re calibrated so my wheels won't fall off... SMH. Again thank you everyone for an awesome weekend and we can't wait until next year. Next stop on the M tour, Ocean City. Can't wait.... Ice cream and french fries. For those of you that are thinking about making the trip to OC. Take it from the new guys.. DON'T MISS OUT ON A GREAT TIME..... until then ,everyone stay safe.
Glad to see you and Steph are comfortable (LOL) with your new family. From the traditional "Pre Trip Breakfast" at the "Day's Inn" , last minute repairs, and chrome bubbling sweat, and everything that happens at a meet, how could you not be hooked.
Quick look around the showfield, bet I'v wrenched and sweated on at least 1/3 of the cars present.
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 #379877  by mnitetrain
 July 18th, 2019, 9:24 am
Glad to hear everyone had safe and enjoyable trip for the Carlisle events. I do wish it had been in the cards to have made it down again and see everyone but just not doable this year.

I found the Saturday night parking lot voicemail, must have come in while I was walking the dog LOL!! Thank you for thinking of me.

If the Boomerang is the restaurant behind the Budget motel in the middle of the parking lot IIRC our old hotel had discount cards in the rooms. I did drop in there once and had a good meal. It did look like a busy place at night.

I was thinking of you all all weekend and was really wishing I was there.

Hoping to make OC happen but so far Mitch is dragging her feet, she hates the drive.
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 #380166  by beespecial
 August 2nd, 2019, 7:05 pm
I think this was posted or mentioned somewhere before but I'll put it here anyway.

Carlisle Events photographers finally gave us some photographic love. ... 9166/page8
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