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  • Join us for an amazing weekend of fun at the 2022 Chrysler Nationals. This is our largest meet of the year, we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Chrysler 300M Special!
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Join us for an amazing weekend of fun at the 2022 Chrysler Nationals. This is our largest meet of the year, we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Chrysler 300M Special!

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 #391190  by First Lady
Hey y'all!
I know the club has a lot going on right now but I wanted to run down a few things for Carlisle as we're 24 days away and it's going to fly!!

- Club shirts for Saturday have been ordered - thanks all! I will likely be receiving them on Thursday and will work on Thursday/Friday to distribute. Plan to wear them on Saturday!!

- Please add to your packing list:
folding chairs
cooler for your own personal use
personal drinks for the showfield if you wish
personal alcoholic beverages for the weekend if you wish (remember - purchasing in PA is difficult!)
Carlisle showfield tags and included letter to pick up your goodie bag with
personal plan for food for the showfield

- Club dinner/Awards will be held on Saturday night at 6:30 pm at Boomerang Bar & Grill where each party will be responsible for their own checks and able to order from the full menu

- We will have cake and do our traditional toast on Saturday night in the parking lot following dinner

- Much like last year, our access to The Precious (Blanton's The Original Single Barrel Bourbon Whisky) is non-existent. If you happen to see a bottle in your area, please reach out ASAP so we can purchase. We have about half of a bottle which Keith was able to purchase from John Smith's son last year. Once that bottle is gone, we will plan to move our tradition to Crown Royal.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!!!
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 #391196  by LUNAT1C
I will try to find Blanton's, but I can bring Crown for sure.
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 #391199  by StealthM
Iam on the hunt for the sacred elixir......
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 #391200  by FIREM
StealthM wrote: June 20th, 2022, 12:46 pm Iam on the hunt for the sacred elixir......
You have a PM
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 #391210  by Sonicrob
Crisis averted guys! I found the precious!!

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 #391211  by First Lady
Sonicrob wrote:Crisis averted guys! I found the precious!!

You’re the best Robert!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!
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 #391232  by LUNAT1C
Last Wednesday, we did a not-so-dry run by the fairgrounds on the turnpike.

Not-so-dry because the monsoons excitedly greeted us. I hope that means we took one for the team and the weather is good for the Chrysler show!
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 #391235  by First Lady
We've started our 'Carlisle Pile' and it keeps growing!!

Can't wait to see everyone!
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 #391241  by M-Pressive
The 2022 welcome poster is all set and on order.

Should have it the 7th!
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 #391401  by First Lady
Weather next week in PA is looking great!!
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 #391405  by LUNAT1C
Hope that means the rain we drove through a couple weeks was a good luck charm!

Just in case, getting ready for the inevitable...
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 #391410  by In-trepid
First Lady wrote: July 9th, 2022, 1:14 pm Weather next week in PA is looking great!!
We all know that those days with the partly cloudy will turn to all sun and the temp will go up to the mid 90's. At least it looks like little to no rain.
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 #391419  by adu1982
Y'all will have a great weather this weekend I'm sure. Sad to miss it again......but all the Chrysler are as down as their owner. Was hoping to make a mad dash run this year but no go again....
Y'all have fun and enjoy .....

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 #391420  by BigMike60
Will be cleaning the Challenger up tomorrow for the 9 + hour drive on Thursday. Wishing I had a “wingman” but will give it a shot solo.
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 #391429  by M-Pressive
The cars are finally done!

Lindsey's got two more coats of wax today. Tires pulled, cleaned and waxed, wheel wells cleaned and brakes touched up.
Applied DuraCoat to the wheels which is supposed to be long lasting tire shine with zero sling. Will report back on it.
Installed all the seals we pulled and reprogrammed her TPS system for the trip.

John's car got it's new wheels installed (new lugs and center caps as well), wheel wells cleaned, brakes touched up. The new tires got the same DuraCoat tire shine system.
Programmed the new OEM sensors with zero issues.
We put a winged bezel in it as well that we had.
The bra is on and that car is ready to roll tomorrow.

We still need to pack one of the cars and pack some supplies but the plan is to get on the road tomorrow at 2:30 and drive to West Virginia for the night.

I didn't think we were going to finish but we powered through.
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 #391432  by LUNAT1C
Basically wrapping up the car now. Rolled it outside so I could polish and spray wax the passenger jambs, and install the passenger striker hardware. Go figure, just as I buff off the excess spray wax, I hear a faint "pit... pat... pit pat..." and see drops on the car. Bright sun ahead of me, doom and gloom behind me. Pulled back inside, wiped off the drop as a very light spritz happens outside, and reinstall the door trim. Once the rain stopped I pulled it back out and finished the strikers.

As I type I'm charging my laptop so I can connect to my DSP and re-tune the system. Need to fix a whine that started after I tuned it last fall, and get the subwoofers going again (weirdly stopped after doing the timing belt, must have lost the tuning from the battery being disconnected for so long). Amp is turning on and I haven't touched them, so I know it's getting power.

I polished and waxed the relay cover and reinstalled. Plenum still felt soft this afternoon, so that's still hanging downstairs curing. Install tomorrow night after work.

Then pack. My usual trinkets are still in the car along with a tote box of towels and wash mitt, so I'll add another with a drying towel and more towels, along with my bucket with grit guard, foam gun, bottle of Pearl wash, bottle of Brake Buster and wheel brushes, hand vac, my mats and poster (stand still back there), case of water and soft cooler, chairs. Duffel bags in the backseat. Also going to bring a few tools for some possible onsite projects.

Oh and I have a reading light to replace... Passenger rear isn't lighting up.
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 #391433  by StealthM
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 #391435  by BigMike60
Pulled down all my generic 300M meet street signs and loaded them in trunk. About 50 lbs worth. Wife remarked that the garage wall now looks barren. I did not pull down the Indy meet signs, just the generic ones, and I kept the specially made “Brampton Bullet” one since the Chally came from there too.
They will be available once I get to the hotel. Start time aiming for 0530 so I can hopefully get past Lexington before rush hour.
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 #391437  by TrepKing95
StealthM wrote: July 12th, 2022, 11:25 pm DONT FORGET YOUR CHAIRS PEOPLE..... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.......
That chair has left my trunk exactly 2 times in its ownership.... both for cleaning the car :lol:

Tossed the spare set of keys in the bag just in case history repeats itself.....
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 #391439  by LUNAT1C
StealthM wrote: July 12th, 2022, 11:25 pm DONT FORGET YOUR CHAIRS PEOPLE..... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.......
And EZ Pass! I'm probably the only person in Michigan who has it. :lol:
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