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  • Carlisle 2024 - Event Planning

  • Join us for an amazing weekend of fun at the 2024 Chrysler Nationals. This is our largest meet of the year!
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Join us for an amazing weekend of fun at the 2024 Chrysler Nationals. This is our largest meet of the year!

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 #395159  by First Lady
We're confirmed to return to Ever Grain Brewery for our Saturday night club dinner (6pm)!

More details to come for the weekend as they're planned - share your ideas here!
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 #395161  by M-Pressive
The tent and tables were ordered tonight.

I believe this is the last year we will get a free tent.

Get your registrations in and join us at our largest meet of the year!
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 #395170  by LUNAT1C
*Only* four months to go!
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 #395648  by First Lady
10 weeks!!!

Feel the pressure yet?!

Things to think about getting done...
- register for the show field and listing the club as affiliation
- book your hotel (block ends 6/2)
- start your car projects
- request time off from work
- share a favorite Carlisle memory viewtopic.php?p=394003#p394003

Still to come:
Up next will be our t-shirt order and list of weekend awards!
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 #395660  by LUNAT1C
Because of the EyesOn Design show, this will be a light prep year for me. Small fixes and minor changes, I'm not tearing apart the car. Last year was the year for that!

Just need to request time off, then wait in the most patient way anyone who understands waiting for Club meets can possibly be!
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 #395766  by First Lady
Only 13 hotel rooms booked to date...our group will expire on June 2nd. Get booking if you want to join us!
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 #395856  by First Lady
Just a reminder to book your hotel room for Carlisle! The group rate closes this Saturday (6/2). Don't miss all the fun!!
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 #395909  by LUNAT1C
Sounds like event packets will be on their way shortly. I just got off the phone with Carlisle Events, apparently I had registered twice for 2024 (once at the showfield last year and then again during the holiday sale... whoops). They're finishing the packets now and reached out to me to confirm if that was the case, since making changes on the showfield is difficult. Keep an eye on your mailboxes!
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 #395911  by First Lady
Yay!!! Always a great milestone to have them arrive!! It’ll be here before we know it!