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 #312616  by M-Pressive
Here are the winners of the club awards at the Carlisle 2013 meet!

We had 23 cars that were in contention for these awards and each and every car showed well.

The Carlisle Showfield awards are listed in the picture thread.

-Best First Time Attendee-

Matt Gendron (Swirly)

-Longest Distance Traveled-

Stan Walker (swalker)

-Superior Showroom Condition-

Bill Putney (Bill Putney)

-As Voted by All Attending Members-

Scott Geary (IS300M)

-Overall Unique Interior Modifications-

Ryan Severance (Sneke_Eyez)

-Overall Unique Exterior Modifications-

Dave Wisniewski (wiz)

-Hottest ICE & Lighting-

Robert Knapp (LUNAT1C)

-Chosen by the Current President-

Chris Carpenter (Chrysler1924)

-Voted On By All Kids in Attendance-

Robert Knapp (LUNAT1C)

-Most Outstanding Ride in Attendance-

Keith Jarvis (SilverSpecial)

Congrats to all the winners! We had a lot of amazing rides in attendance and everyone should be proud of them.

It makes me happy to see many new names above and I hope we continue to see new names as more awards are given in the future.
 #312625  by Shadowvox6
Congrats to all the award winners....
From me and my Kidney Stone (yes I still have it!!)
 #312626  by dmondeac
Congratulations to all the winners! All are excellent rides!
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 #312628  by FIREM
Congrats to all, great showing of new ideas and new faces this year. Looking like we will keep " this thing of ours" alive and well far into the future.
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 #312639  by LUNAT1C
Congrats everyone! Funny enough our own Cindy Cochran (who couldn't make it) mentioned to me that Kids Choice would follow Goofy. I had him on the steering wheel driving Luna for me and sure enough, he got it! Best co-pilot ever!

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 #312644  by FalKen
We actually are just leaving the hotel now. stayed for a little Hershey park action! Had a great time! met a lot of good people seen a lot of nice cars. Made some rookie mistakes but still the most fun I've had at a car show ever.

Thank you Keith and Lindsey for making a newbie feel welcome. you guys do a lot of work and preparation for these things and there isn't any award for that.

Thanks to Tyler for giving me a hand with the 3rd brake led mod. Its awesome.

Congrats to all the winners and hope to see you all at future meets.
 #312649  by redmax
I want to congratulate all the winners, well, we are all winners aren't we? we all drive or own 300M's! I also want to thank Lindsey and Keith for all the work they put into making this event a success, I wish I could have stayed, said thanks, and good b,y to all of you personally, but as you saw Sunday morning, I packed up my 300M camper and left late Saturday night. I hope to see all of you again next year. Later Jamie
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 #312674  by grayslater
Congrats to all in attendance and for those you took home an award.
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 #312696  by alandw
Congrats to all the award winnrts! It's great to see so many new cars and great new members. Cant wait to next year.
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 #312705  by Sonicrob
Hey technically I should still be in the running for "best debut" next year since I didn't make the judging this year huh? Lol
 #312709  by BossSlate
sonicrob wrote:Hey technically I should still be in the running for "best debut" next year since I didn't make the judging this year huh? Lol
I second that Rob,even though I was Johnny Come Lately on Sunday,I'm sorry I couldnt make the judging this year,but I'm definitely gonna plan to make it next year