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 #312991  by M-Pressive
Another great Carlisle has come to an end! It was an amazing turnout and a great time was had by all. We have 25 300Ms in attendance, and 30 member cars overall. There were more than 50 people who attended a portion of the meet, 7 who were first time meet attendees and 5 who were new club members. This marks one of the largest meets in a number of years!!

While Carlisle technically started on Bob and Bill's ride home from Indy back in May but the rest of us timed things a little more closely to the meet and starting the drive on Wednesday or Thursday. As cars arrived, the group headed for a late lunch and finished up the food shopping. A long trek to Fuddruckers for dinner landed the group at one of the very few grocery stores where you can purchase beer. Late night hotel shenanigans began as the group hung out in the parking lot.

Friday started at o'dark thirty as the diehards headed to the showfield to get set up. With some over sleeping and issues with navigation systems we finally had a yummy breakfast and got decorated for our theme. The day flew by with initial cleaning, cooking, checking out the showfield, and talking to everyone! For dinner we celebrated Alan's wild ride for his birthday at Texas Roadhouse ( Thanks for being a trooper and going with the embarrassment!

Game Day, aka Saturday, started very early with the o'dark thirty crew fighting off rain. Those of us under the tent still don't understand the effort exerted against the rain! Despite the early weather we decorated the tent and enjoyed theme inspired waffles. With the sun out came Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty! The club quickly outgrew the lot which Carlisle Events had us booked for and a staff person had to come over to help direct traffic and allowed us to expand into other spaces to display our cars! Way to go club!! Believe it or not but Lady Liberty almost got into a fight with a member of the TC Maserati dare she approach our tent! What'd she think people were going to sit there and let her bully Lindsey?! I would like to thank Allpar for taking the time to judge our club awards, they did a great job of looking at what makes our rides so special. With such a great turnout it was hard to leave the showfield which found many rushed to get to dinner. While I'm sad to say the Fire House isn't what it use to be, the servers were literally running around to help us! Let's look into another option for next year, we will post a poll in the near future. Awards brought us back to the hotel parking lot where we also did the raffle and sight and sound competition. 5 cars and one cake participated...congrats Robert on the win! If the worst thing that happened was a miscommunication from the hotel manager to his night staff about our sight and sound competition I think we're in good shape. A quick follow-up brought everyone to the same page with all that our club does - a piece of cake helped too!

Sunday is always a challenge to get packed up and checked out of the hotel. As always with this group, many hands make light work! Arriving for a later breakfast the group was excited to share excitement for our showfield winners. We had 7 club cars participate in the parade this year, it was exciting to see some first time winners get the opportunity to drive up to the grandstand and accept their award.

Club award winners are located here-

Throughout the day the group started to depart after yet another successful show! Please consider joining us next year, we had members come from as far as Tennessee and another that came down from Canada. I hope the meet continues to grow and we force Carlisle to give us a larger area. Mark your calendar for next year and make the trip to Carlisle, PA.

Feel free to add your stories in this thread, I am sure there are many worth sharing.
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 #313001  by 300MaximuM
Just had to toss in the over sleeping issues hahah
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 #313006  by alandw
SilverSpecial wrote:For dinner we celebrated Alan's wild ride for his birthday at Texas Roadhouse ( Thanks for being a trooper and going with the embarrassment!
All in good fun!! :lol:
SilverSpecial wrote:Please consider joining us next year... Mark your calendar for next year and make the trip to Carlisle, PA.
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 #317907  by BigMike60
Did they show the new "Cuda" proto-type at the Carlisle show? I have seen some of the images of the car, but am not sure if they are proposed, or if there are any working models. I thought they had the Cuda on the docket to replace the Challenger, as early as maybe next model year. I just wondered if they had any actual cars at the show like they did with the Challenger, and the failed attempt at a new Imperial that they later decided not to produce.
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 #317909  by LUNAT1C
It's not even a concept at this point. 2016 MY, if it happens at all. Last I heard Challenger was going on a diet, not going away.
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 #317924  by swalker
They don't seem to know what they want to do LOL
 #317935  by BigMike60
When I Googled it, I found a bunch of sites, and some said it was coming in MY 14. Would like to see it if the Challenger gets phased out.
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 #318255  by M-Pressive
mattgendron wrote:Already planning next year? Super excited :)
I am sure the club will be there. Planning usually starts in march or so, the Club President next year will make the necessary arrangements for the club.
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 #318257  by FIREM
Keep and eye out around the Christmas Holiday, usually a discount offered for early registration.
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 #318260  by LUNAT1C
I always register around New Years.