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 #348058  by First Lady
Another Carlisle is in the books and the honeymoon truly continues!

As the group began to arrive on Thursday, terrible rain showers tested coats of wax and glass cleaners. Our usual lunch location along the Susquehanna River, Dockside Willies, was pushed closer to dinner. The restaurant was much more busy then midafternoon when we are typically there and we were treated to the power flickering due to torrential rain and severe winds. Yes, there was a tornado watch that knocked down a bunch of large tents on the showfield!

Thursday night found the annual shoppers, shopping (thanks Hoppe Family!!) and the parking lot getting warmed up. A bit of wrenching here, washing there, and welcoming old and new friends to parking lot shenanigans brought the group to Friday.

Off to a slow start without any tables for our tent, Carlisle Events forgot to accurately process our order due to receiving a free tent from having so many cars registered under our club. An exciting price to pay for having 39 cars! Never fear, many hands make light work and in no time the breakfast spread was ready to eat. Friday was a casual day with some introductory showfield cleaning, lots of talk about modifications, and catching up with car family. Many first time attendees arrived and after the usual intro conversation of forum names and real names, we hung out and enjoyed (AMAZING cupcakes that is)!

Friday night many from the group infiltrated Texas Roadhouse literally there were more than 30 of us! It was nice to break into some smaller groups and enjoy the company of each other. Some brought back the archaic Facebook act of poking someone. Luckily enough everyone made it out free of a birthday celebration how did that happen?! Friday night found many hanging in the parking lot, doing more modifications and drinking of course!

Saturday found the 0-dark-thirty group at the show field ready for a big day. Sporting our teal club shirts the group had a wonderful breakfast of French toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns. It was another super hot day with full sun that found us making friends with fellow clubs over our grill AKA bonfire with huge open flame. Our resident judges spent much of the blazing afternoon critically looking at every club car. Many thanks to Alan and Ryan for this effort! It was awesome to see everyone sharing in mods together this year other members leaning into the engine bays of other members, pulling apart interiors, and assisting in modifications.

Of course Saturday night got this group gussied up and ready for The Fire House. For the first time in three years, it went off without a hitch! Duck cakes for all our members! Yum! It had been way too long! A great turnout of over 60 people filled the third floor with our LH family. After a delicious dinner, a somewhat rigged welcome poster give away, raffle prizes, and award presentations the group rendezvoused at the gas station in front of the hotel for our annual sight and sound competition. With only three participants in the competition, the call for additional cars was made don;t let this fun tradition end, get some ICE in your rides and come ready to show off next year! Of course the LED cake made an appearance and we toasted the precious to members who have passed. All in all a more mellow night still with late night drinking and hanging out.

Sunday was a relaxing day as many made their way late to the show field or even left directly from the hotel L. A smaller group represented at our tent to congratulate showfield winners and pack up our showfield home for the weekend. As the arrived home posts outnumbered the dwindling number of LH pictures posted on Facebook and the forum, the group made it home.

Once again a tail of true example of family and fun as we wrap up Carlisle 2015. Thank you to all that contributed to making it so successful: brought food, coolers, filled ice, transported, judged, voted, laughed, and cared! Hard to believe as quickly as it was here, it's over for another year. Keep the excitement up for our next meet in Ocean City, Maryland! A much more relaxed meet along the beach with boardwalk entertainment and delicious food!
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 #348059  by beespecial
Hard to believe that we're a week and a half removed from it already. It was another really great meet. Much, much thanks to Lindsey and Keith for organizing and executing this event. Without your efforts it wouldn't be nearly as grand as it is. Thank you!
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 #348107  by 300MaximuM
Sad that another "family reunion" is here and gone. Had a blast this year and glad I made the last minute choice to still Go. Thanks again everyone for making it a blast.