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 #379842  by M-Pressive
Here are the club award winners from the 2019 Carlisle meet!

Our online balloting system worked flawlessly again and we had a lot of really great cars in attendance.

-Exceptional Engine Bay Design-
Clarence Anthony (StealthM)
ImageHosted on Fotki

-Hottest Rims & Tires-
Kenneth Wesley (KxWarrior)
ImageHosted on Fotki

-Longest Distance Driven-
Ed Keim (cypressdelight)
ImageHosted on Fotki

-As Voted by All Attending Members-
Robert Day (FIREM)
ImageHosted on Fotki

-Chosen by the Current President-
Alex Funkhouser (Alex Funkhouser)
ImageHosted on Fotki

-Coolest Mod on the Showfield-
Lindsey Jarvis (First Lady)
ImageHosted on Fotki

-Exceptional Interior Styling-
Robert Knapp (LUNAT1C)
ImageHosted on Fotki

-Exceptional Exterior Styling-
Ryan Severance (Sneke_Eyez)
ImageHosted on Fotki

-Celebrating 20 Years of Style-
Robert Adamowicz (Sonicrob)
ImageHosted on Fotki

-Most Outstanding Ride in Attendance-
Keith Jarvis (M-Pressive)
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Carlisle Awards
Chrysler 300M Class
1st Place - Clarence Anthony - StealthM
2nd Place - Robert Day - FIREM
3rd Place - Scott Geary - IS300M

Chrysler 300M Special Class
1st Place - Keith Jarvis - M-Pressive
2nd Place - Lindsey Jarvis - First Lady
3rd Place - Ryan Severance - Sneke_Eyez

LH Class
1st Place - Ryan Severance - Sneke_Eyez
2nd Place - Kenneth Wesley - KxWarrior
3rd Place - Sarah Wesley - Sarah319

Thanks again to everyone that voted and attended the meet! See you next year.
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 #379843  by dcsally97
Congrats to all! Well deserved.
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 #379849  by First Lady
Congratulations everyone!!!

And thank you! Never in a million years did I think I’d win in Carlisle- I simply wanted to participate and dress up my M a bit for the showfield. It’s special to have something I love so much be appreciated by the group. Consider the mod bug caught!!!
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 #379852  by LUNAT1C
Agreed, congrats to all! Everyone put a lot of time and effort into their Ms and Intrepids leading up to the meet, it was an honor to have that effort recognized, especially having had my interior blown apart all the way up to Wednesday night!
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 #379853  by Sonicrob
Congrats to all the winners! So many beautiful LH’s out there on the field! They were all worthy of winning awards! Still in shock that I won “Best 300m”. Can’t thank you guys enough! I was lost for words when I went up to claim the award!
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 #379862  by FIREM
Congrats to all the winners for all the hard work, dedication and attention to detail being recognized by our family.
Great Big THANK YOU to the membership being chosen "Members Choice" really is a big deal to me.
Many years of either "fixin" members cars and or assisting via the forum to guide repairs well worth the effort.
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 #379879  by Sneke_Eyez
I am honored once again to have been recognized by the Club for my Intrepid!

Each of the winners was deserving of their award, as they always are.
It is great to see the members of this Club continue to push these cars to new heights 15 years after they were last made and 20 years since the 300M debuted!
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 #379882  by KxWarrior
Another big congrats to everyone! Its inspiring to see after all this time, we can still pull together big numbers, and keep our classes strong!
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 #379885  by StealthM
Sorry for being late to the party but CONGRATULATIONS everyone for a job well done. Thank you to all who voted for StealthM. It means a lot to be recognized by all my peers. What an honor... In my book you all are winners.
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 #379888  by 300GEM
Congratulations, everyone! Great photos! Well-deserved awards for well-deserved owners. Wish I could have made it out there this year but there is always next year.
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 #379906  by Cypressdelight
Congratulations to all the winners! Each of you deserve the award you earned; the love and dedication in making your ride the best was clearly evident at the show.
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