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 #319378  by First Lady
The weather forecast wasn't projected to be good but it wasn't going to stop us from having a good time at the Ocean City Endless Summer Crusin' meet. While some who planned on attending changed their plans at the last minute, we were happy to have some new attendees join us!

The meet started with Keith and I driving to New Jersey to spend the night with Bob and Darlene on Wednesday. Thursday started early for Keith and Bob as they changed out cooler lines in the silver special. We were on the road to Ocean City and arrived to pick up packets around 3:00. It was overcast, windy, and raining. After settling into a new hotel, we headed to Macky's for dinner. Delicious and definitely on the list for next year! Thursday ended with the arrival of Hank and his friend Ritchie and the installation of an LED break light in Sean's graphite special. Oh, and our first trip out to Dumser's for ice cream sundaes.

Friday was an early morning to get in line for the parade on the boardwalk. Sean lead Bob and Keith and the Ms looked great! We headed to our usual breakfast place and noticed at how low attendance was at the show. Robert and Nick joined the group just in time for some solid showers. The rain continued to get stronger as the morning went on and while we lasted through many showers, a much heavier downpour started in the early afternoon sending the inlet cars scattering. The club members packed up and headed back to the hotel. A few buckets of Thrashers fries for lunch and we hung out in one of our rooms while the rain come down and the wind ripped across the beach. We headed to dinner Friday night at Captain's Galley and then out for a round of mini golf. The passing showers seemed to help some and hinder others on their round of golf. Darlene had an amazing 4 holes in one and while Keith pegged Nick as a ringer, it was Sean who cleaned up on the links! The two top shots came from the Day family - one of Darlene's ended up on the opposite side of the parking lot and one of Bob's was millimeters away from smacking Darlene in the face. Her quick reflexes dodged just in time to send it sailing by - very matrix like! Couldn't drive by Dumser's without a second round of ice cream sundaes! Our night concluded by a relocated parking lot hang out to a hotel room.

Saturday started even earlier with Nick and Robert driving in the parade and Keith and Bob claiming spots at the inlet. Darlene and I deserve an award for standing in the whipping wind and driving rain waiting to take pictures of the parade! We were completely soaked!! A second round at our breakfast spot found newbies Scott, Ryan, and Ashley joining us! They had just driven through the night to join us and it was nice to have some new attendees at the show. We were unsure how the weather would hold out so the cars were cleaned right away. We were happy to make it a full day in the wind and spritzing before packing up and heading to Adolfo's for dinner. It was so great to have a large club dinner though we have mixed feelings about the restaurant! It was amazing to see the waves smashing up on the beach, the wind fluttering the awning, and the rain dumping over Ocean City. What's a better way to top off a bad dinner than a third round of Dumser's ice cream?! I know: a third round of Dumser's ice cream with announcing our winners! Congrats to Nick for winning Best in Show and Sean for winning Member's Choice! Once again the rain failed to deter us from late night shenanigans - we just had to relocate to a hotel room! Bob nearly fell of his chair during is 12 second nap from which he jumped up from and drunk-dialing other club members! All in all it was great to all hang out!

Sunday allowed us to sleep in and enjoy our regular Sunday trip to Happy Jacks for breakfast. Following packing the cars and checking out we headed to the inlet one more time. There was about 3 minutes of sun during the drive from the hotel to the inlet and that's all we got all weekend! At the inlet we enjoyed the boardwalk shops and joined the raffle and award announcements. Congrats again to Nick for winning a giant bucket of Halloween pretzels filled with MD lotto tickets and cash!! While none of the club cars won awards, the club did win for Best Banner! We discovered the key is to leave it up all night holding strong in crazy wind and rain! Show our strength and determination for participating in the meet! Additionally, the latest model car that won an award was a 1999 which means we're oh so close to being considered and accepted at this meet!

As always it was great to see all those who attended, heckle - errr, I mean, meet new members even if they are a Yankee's fan, and welcome those who had never been to Ocean City before. This year's trip was a strong example of what this club is about - camaraderie and family! Friends helping Friends! Sharing a common love for these cars! This year was far from our usual spectacular weather but kept up our usual shenanigans! Thanks everyone for a great meet - see you next year!
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 #319405  by SJSlick75
Had a very good time with everyone. I was expecting Keith to peel my sticker off when I left it at the hotel lol
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 #319482  by Legenbas
It was by far a great weekend for me, even though it rained a lot. I had a great time enjoying the same love for these cars as everyone else did. Thank you every one as well for voting for my car for Best in Show!
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 #319491  by M-Pressive
SJSlick75 wrote:Had a very good time with everyone. I was expecting Keith to peel my sticker off when I left it at the hotel lol
I was very tempted to peel that Yankees sticker off your M. Maybe next time.....
 #319506  by BigMike60
Great summary. Sorry about the weather. What I like about the fall is sitting at home like the Yankees watching the playoffs and World Series.
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 #319525  by mnitetrain
Ouch!! lol!
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 #319532  by FIREM
Great Meet as usual. Who worries about the weather :ohwell
Great to meet some new family members and add their M's to "Ones I'v Touched" list (with permission of course) :lol:
Darlene even got into the spirit of cleaning up :shock:
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 #319550  by swalker
I got one of those calls LOL Thanks for thinking about me Glad y'all had a great time.
 #319570  by BigMike60
Good new for NY fans, Arod is going to "pump-up" this winter, doing 2 at a time, and see how that works out after his suspension gets upheld. He should be ready to go by 2015. Sorry to "needle" you all. Ooops, bad choice of words.
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 #319654  by Goofys M
I would have expected no less but the M group to make the trip amazing despite the weather. Dave and I really missed coming to this meet. We have always enjoyed Ocean City. I imagine though it was just gorgeous to see the waves crashing on the sand and making that unforgettable relaxing sound....unless you are in a hurricane or monsoon rain....been there and done that at Rehobeth Beach. Nice to see Goofy driving down the boardwalk but I understand Robert had to take over when Goofy got the munches and tried to drive into the ice cream So watch out guys, Goofy is having a few tummy tucks and face lift done for Carlisle :what . Love to all.
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 #319656  by alandw
Seth and I missed everyone this year - but we'll see you next year.
Sounds like a great time had by all though - and despite the weather.
OC is one of our best events.