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 #338502  by First Lady
Sorry for the delay on the Ocean City writeup! Lots of tails to tell of good food, fun, and friends!

It was all off to a pretty poopie start for Bob Day (FIREM). Literally!! As we pulled into the convention center on Thursday afternoon to pickup our packets from our rearview mirror we say FIREM covered, yes, COVERED in bird poop!!!! He took the load off a bird or seven on the main bridge into OC! Even if Lindsey's inability to work the camera failed to capture the mess we saw it with our own eyes!! Needless to say the late afternoon found someone at a carwash. The Goofy couple, Dave and Cindy, joined us for a relaxing lunch at the Ocean City Brewing Company and our first helping of Dumser's ice cream! Early to bed for the ladies while the men puttered with the cars and cleaned up for the parade in the morning. The minds behind the club (Keith, Bob, and Hank) ended their evening sitting curbside watching cars cruise by. Matt and his dad, Charls, arrived just as the day turned to Friday!

Friday morning found the group gathering to be in line for the parade down the boardwalk. More than 600 cars drive along the planks ocean side! This year had more breakdowns, overheating, and viewers than we've ever seen. The weather was perfect and the Ms looked great rolling down the boardwalk
Check out the movie of our ride: drive by and dash cam.

Robert and Nick joined the crew in the quickly filling inlet and we had breakfast at our usual spot. I greeted Sean and his friend with a weird look as I didn't recognize it was him (sorry again about that, you took me by surprise!). Once up to speed, it was great to have them join the fun and casual hangout at the show. The weather was perfect until late afternoon when the rain cleared out the inlet but not before Thrashers fries were had! Bob was wrenching on everyone's engines with a fuel and transmission reset - we're all raving about the gas milage increase, it's great! Friday brought Robert and Alice to the group and a wonderful dinner at the Captain's Galley. I'm pretty sure we all over ate and of course, off to ice cream at Dumser's AGAIN for dessert! Friday late night brought fun parking lot shenanigans - a small group but many laughs!

The rain was not enough to keep us away on Saturday as Keith and Bob headed to the inlet to get the club a god parking spot in the lot and Robert, Nick, Robert, and Alice hopped in line for the parade. Darlene and Lindsey waited along the boardwalk to get their pictures and hoped in for a quick ride in the parade. Because this group thrives on tradition, of course, we returned to our favorite little cafe for breakfast! The inlet was a bit less attended as the rain accompanied us on and off all day. It was pretty cool but many of us had our amazing club jackets to keep us warm and looking like a cool club!! The afternoon found some of the group back at the convention center to see some amazing rides before gathering for our club dinner. It was a bit of a flop since the restaurant was closed, yes, closed!! As was much of the boardwalk that evening with the cold and rain. I really screwed this one up but Alice's idea of going to Dough Roller turned out just fine and as always the group had a great time. A quick birthday song to Dave and Darlene both with upcoming big birthdays - six zero big!!! Serious Keith announced our awards. Congratulations to Cindy and Matt with a tie for Member's Choice, Bob for Best Engine Bay, and Keith for Best in Show! Believe it or not but we didn't make it to ice cream Saturday night (our stomachs thanked us) and headed straight to the parking lot to hang with Nick's parents and our late night crew! What a great bunch of people!! As the hours and laughs ticked by Sunday approached and we figured it time to hit the pillow but not before many, many, many, "drunky drunk phone calls".

Sunday morning is always a bit more low key to allow time to pack up and head out. We gathered at the inlet for a beautifully sunny day! A walk of the boardwalk to breakfast at the Dough Roller was a nice change. Yes, you heard me right, we changed up something we ate!! I think the bacon pancakes had many at bacon! The awards were surprising as a number of late model cars actually won! As the group began to depart the lot became more bare. The 'until next time' is the worst part!!

The short of it is that we hung out, we showed cars, we got drunk! As always it was a blast and missed those who didn't join us! We hope that new faces will join us again for this meet next year - I'm pretty sure we've hooked those Canadians on yet another great meet!

Check out all the great pictures we took and make your plan for next year!
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 #338523  by FIREM
Great recap as usual Lindsey :wink:
Great time had by all that attended. Unfortunately some rain again but no where near as bad as last year.
As far as the "drunky drunk phone calls" are concerned, we simply "reach out" to family and friends that did not make the meet, just to say helllllllloooooo (or somthingh like that) :lol: and most if not all appreciate being remembered :shock:
I'm surprised the "ear plugs" did not get honorable mention :twisted: :roll:
Unfortunately this meet was not without a medical event. During the show awards ceremony a man collapsed. Fortunately it was not a member of the club, yet club members responded to the mans needs until the Medics arrived. Thoughts and prayers to the mans family.
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 #338590  by M-Pressive
The club made the back of the official program for 2014 as well.