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 #369835  by First Lady
It's hard to believe that it's been more than a week since a group of us gathered in Ocean City, Maryland! Here is a tail of our adventures!

On Thursday afternoon, some very nice Ms crossed the bridge onto Ocean City – all seagull poop free! This is a feat, I swear! There's many light polls along the bridge and seagulls seem to lie in wait on top of them for the 'nice cars' to drive under. At the exact moment you cross under, they aim and fire! In past years we were not all so lucky – with clean passages, we knew we were destined for an amazing weekend!

As we picked up meet credentials and gathered at the hotel, it was wonderful to be united again! Note to self – don't stay at this hotel again! The rooms we were in this year were less than stellar – some were closet sized, others weren't actually hotel rooms but storage/utility rooms that had a bed in it! As a late lunch/early dinner the group gathered at the OC Brewing Company, no one noticed how antsy Lindsey was at her end of the table or how many times she looked over her shoulder at the door – it was getting harder and harder not to burst at the surprise that was about to take place! With Robert's calm 'those people look familiar' and Bob's 'oh my goodness' The Benjamins walked in the door after their 13 hour drive from Indy! What an awesome surprise!!! Big hugs were shared among the group and once again, we knew it was going to be an amazing weekend!

We shared a great meal and drinks before heading over to Seacrets for their evening show. The Ms pulled in in full force and as the sun set over the bay the group caught up! ImageOf course, before leaving the show the group made our first trip to Dumsers for ice cream – yum! ImageReturning our cars safely to the hotel parking lot, we grabbed our drinks and headed to the curb – to watch the cars cruising that is! It's always entertaining to see the rides cursing the strip, hearing the squeal of the tires, and catching up with dear friends!

Friday morning started early as we gathered on the street to be in the parade. John led our group, Sean hung out FIREM's sunroof, and the cars looked great cruising the boards! Unlike in past years, the feedback from the spectators was positive – again, going to be a great weekend! Lindsey had her annual out-of-shape run down the boardwalk to take pictures of the cars as they pass down the boardwalk toward the inlet. The group made the turn into the inlet and headed to our annual breakfast spot! Following breakfast, Darlene, Barb, and Lindsey walked all the way back to the hotel – some for the beach others to move to a slightly more appropriate room. The day at the inlet was great – AMAZING weather, yummy Thrashers fries, great looking rides, and lots of positive talk about our cars. The annual purchase was made of custom Goofy shirts, parade pictures, and grandchildren gifts! As the inlet began to thin out, Robert, Keith, and Lindsey headed over to the convention center to be a part of their afternoon show. Dinner found us back at a former traditional spot – Waterman's. Last time we were there there was fire burning in the walls and the building would later burn. We haven't made it back since it had been rebuilt but we're glad we returned this year. The first rum buckets of the weekend were drunk by Robert, Kelly, and Wendy! The dinners were great too!! Following dinner, the group made their way back to the boardwalk to show Luna and M-Pressive off at the light show. There were some cools rides with nice light presentations including mini, child-sized rides! Amazingly, Keith won the first ever award at an Ocean City meet! To celebrate, the group headed to Dumsers on the boardwalk for the second ice cream of the weekend! Returning to the parking lot to take our places on the sidewalk and watch the cruisers again.

Saturday started very early for some – Bob and Keith's traditional waxers and coffee in the inlet (waxers – chocolate covered donuts sold at the gas stations). This year joined by John, they had an amazing sunrise – certainly turning out to be an amazing weekend! Robert escorted Luna down the boardwalk again in the morning parade and the group returned to our normal breakfast spot. More care was given in cleaning and prepping the cars for the day as the inlet was packed with spectators and cars. With our flags flying high, our group certainly represented! ImageMid-day, Keith and Lindsey headed to check on our club banner hanging near the stage and took a peek at the winners sheet posted. The group's always been curious about how late model the winners are. As Lindsey points to the '02 Chrysler' written on the line, Keith recognized his car number and says 'I think I won!'. Returning to the car to grab the car number, it was confirmed – he won at the inlet!! A true honor and milestone for our club! Image[/URL] More Thrashers and Khors Brothers custard with high temps and full sun – what an amazing day! A 16th birthday dinner for Lizzy brought the group to a new restaurant, The Ropewalk, for a delicious dinner. Trying to participate in some other events, Keith took his car to the Hooters night show – which turned out to be a good experience with spectators – there were some who really liked it – but frustrating with the organizers – just weren't welcome. Ending the night with, yes, you guessed it, more Dumsers (you've got to have birthday ice cream, right?!)! And you guessed it again, hanging on the sidewalk to watch the cruisers. With an early departure scheduled for the surprisers, John and Barb, the worst part of the weekend began – the goodbyes!

Sunday morning started a bit later allowing for some more sleep and breakfast at the Doughroller. A relaxed morning spent at the inlet soaking up amazing sun brought us to the awards. While no one from the group won a raffle or a trophy, we enjoyed recognizing those who did and spending the last of the weekend together. The club did receive an amazing award on Sunday from the organizers of the show as we were awarded the "Outstanding Club" award, which was a huge surprise to all of us! Image As we headed back to our cars and the inlet began to clear, the group began our goodbyes. Such a wonderful weekend to be together, share good company, and soak up some amazing weather!! The travels began and the group trucked back to their respective homes with the final confirmation from Robert and Nick on Monday.

All in all an amazing weekend to be together! Fun to share it with some surprise guests and the core OC group! Sharing in laughs, memories, and creating new tales it's always so fun to be together. Thank you to all who attended! We're thankful for having shared such an amazing weekend with our car family!!! Until next time!
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 #369849  by beespecial
Great write up Lindsey. While it was a long ride to get there, it was more than worth it just for the expressions on everyone's faces when we came in. The fact that the weather was wonderful for the weekend as well as Keith finally getting some well earned recognition for his hard work, made for a perfect meet.
When we left Indy our lawn was brown and crispy from lack of rain for about 3 weeks. Apparently, it rained here from the day we left for OC until we returned. Thanks to hurricane Nate we returned to a nice green yard.
Anyway, this was definitely a meet to remember and Barb and I definitely will.
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 #369851  by FIREM
Great Recap Lindsey Thanks. Great Surprise John & Bar b !
Glad to know everyone had a great time.
Congrats to Keith for earning some awards. Event organizers got it right, Outstanding Club Award, wow I guess (and hope) they actually recognized the collective closeness of "this thing of ours". All weekend we were as usual a collective group of true enthusiasts. Members and families joined in the event adding to the enjoyment.
(My grandchildren can't do this :eek )
Only a true enthusiast would share her "Sweet 16th" with us :D
I am honored and proud to be a contributing member of this "club"/family. :huddle
Can't wait for Indy :tailgate Just look for the cone in turn 3
Must get together again before May :wink:
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 #369854  by M-Pressive
We had such a great weekend!

Seeing John and Barb walk through the door of the restaurant was an amazing thing. I hope the meet lived up to your expectation and I happy you made the trip.

It was an honor to finally win some awards at the show as well. It has been many years and we usually come up empty. The individual awards for my car were great but I was more proud of the Outstanding Club award we received! That one means a lot and really shows how things have changed down there.

I would say we will be in OC in October 2018!
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 #369859  by Sneke_Eyez
Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

Glad to see you had good weather and that the Club and the cars finally received the recognition they deserve at the shows throughout OC!
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 #369865  by LUNAT1C
As soon as we packed the car and headed out on Tuesday, I was looking forward to October 2018... the next OC, and May, the next "Meet"!

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 #370530  by First Lady
Checkout the parade!!! We show up around 1:10 with beespecial leading us off!
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 #370575  by FIREM
Cool Video of the Parade!
Happen to notice that Keith's and my DRL's flicker?
We have LED's in our high beams and the video appears to be in sync with the Pulse Width Modulation of the signal of the DRL module. Happens so fast that the eye does not detect it.
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 #371489  by beespecial
We had such a great time at OC 2017, we just reserved our time off for the first weekend in October 2018 to do it again! This is gonna be a great summer season. Really looking forward to seeing everyone again.
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 #371490  by FIREM
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 #371512  by First Lady
beespecial wrote: January 16th, 2018, 7:13 am We had such a great time at OC 2017, we just reserved our time off for the first weekend in October 2018 to do it again! This is gonna be a great summer season. Really looking forward to seeing everyone again.
YAY!!! I love this!! I'm already looking at the hotel next to where we stayed in the past - looking to be a new Hyatt opening in May. I'll keep an eye on it and let everyone know when we can book!!
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 #371541  by mnitetrain
Holiday Inn also next door has a fantastic restaurant (blackened scallops)!!
 #371548  by DDTOP
beespecial wrote: January 16th, 2018, 7:13 am We had such a great time at OC 2017, we just reserved our time off for the first weekend in October 2018 to do it again! This is gonna be a great summer season. Really looking forward to seeing everyone again.
So excited that you and Barb are coming to OC again!!! We get to see you THREE times this year! AWESOME!!!!!
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