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Discussions about the 3rd Generation Chrysler/Dodge Sedans, the LX Platform.

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 #384442  by Floater
Hi everyone.

The unfortunate fact is that the 300M is approaching its end of life :( Lately it's been running great but the reliability and maintainability isn't really there anymore. Finding the next car has been proven to be a tough task for me. Maybe you guys can help me.

If I would get something similar the obvious choice would be the 300C or the Dodge Charger? I like the aggressive looks on the 2011 charger but the 300C would probably offer a more luxurious ride? I think they don't quite match the trunk space on the M which I have really appreciated. These two cars are about the only ones I can feel somewhat excited about, but can't decide which one would be more suitable.

The FCA cars don't seem to have a great reputation. Quite the opposite. Many people really dislike them. Why is this? Are there some quality concerns?

These cars as many modern cars are packed with features that are intriguing but also frightening at the same time because of the complexity. For example the 8-speed transmission from ZF. That's an impressive engineering outcome, but it doesn't even have a stick for checking the oil. You need a lift for that. I don't know if any shop here knows how to service a transmission like that. I can do a lot of things myself, but currently I don't have a place nearby to work on a car. Also I feel that many times the information and tools needed to work on today's cars are not available. And I'm not looking for a hobby car, I've got one already (-68 Mercury Cougar).

On the other hand I have lot's of doubts as well. Do I really need 300HP? I feel the large engines are a bit frowned upon nowadays. Though I really like the thought of an V6. Maybe I would be better off with some european car. Parts for the M have been quite affordable, but as the shipping from US doubles the cost it's not cheap anymore.

Also there's the environmental things. I've looked into electric, CNG and ethanol cars. I’d really like a car that would run on something else than plain gasoline. Maybe electric is the future but it's not quite yet here. It's impossible for me to have charging at home. CNG cars here are pretty dull (Volvo, Skoda, VW, Audi). The 300C and the Charger could be driven with ethanol though.

A third car I've been kind of looking for is the newer Ford Mondeo. Pretty much the same as Ford Fusion in the US. It ticks the space requirements and it's kind of an poor mans Aston Martin on the front :) Also it's available with an "real" automatic transmission. Not all that DSG rubbish :x But with a small turbocharged engine. Will it last? And won't be recognizable from all the others in the mall parking lot.

Any thoughts are welcome
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 #384445  by M-Pressive
I bought a 2017 Charger a few years back and do enjoy it. The options are incredible and puts my daily M to shame.

I find it just as luxurious as the newer 300. I think it comes down to the style and what you enjoy more.
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 #384448  by LUNAT1C
I wouldn’t worry about trunk space in an LX/LD car. I had a 2007 Charger, and was able to carry an extra brand new, plug luggage for three people on a road trip from Philadelphia to South FL via Tennessee (easily over 1000 miles each way). Plenty of space for us and our things, and comfortable. Fuel economy wasn’t bad either, about 25 MPG from the 5.7L V8 and the NAG1 Mercedes 5-spd automatic. The platform has improved since then quite a bit. I would consider getting a 2011-2014 model today (or 2013-2014 if looking at the V6) if I needed a sedan.

My only concern with newer cars these days is service and repairability for those who plan to use them “until the wheels fall off”. There is a lot of technology in them, with more added every year. As we all know, technology evolves rapidly and puts older tech out of style almost weekly. Sure, that 2015 computer system can be serviced and repaired today. What about in 2030 when the technology has evolved multiple times and the tools are no long available? I get the feeling cars will start to become more disposable as DIY’ers can’t afford the systems to make repairs and repair shops have to move on quickly as newer tech comes around.

I like the latest Jeeps (Wrangler and Gladiator) but I feel like they have way too much tech in them for long term ownership as compared to my 2016 Wrangler, and even that has too much tech controlling various functions.
 #384487  by Floater
Thanks for the comments

Good to hear that I'm not alone with my worries on the complexity of new cars. At the same time I do like those things when they work.

I've heard bad things about the Mercedes transmission if it's the same as in the first gen 300C.

Now that I actually researched how the ZF shifter really works It's kind of off putting. I guess the quest continues...