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  • Our virtual car show is dedicated to John Benjamin who passed away in 2020. This yearly show is open to all active members of the club.
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Our virtual car show is dedicated to John Benjamin who passed away in 2020. This yearly show is open to all active members of the club.

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 #388190  by BOD
This thread will contain all of the members participating in the Best International LH category in the John Benjamin Memorial Virtual Car Show.

Each post can contain up to 4 pictures and have a description that is up to 500 words.
No mod lists allowed

This thread will be open between June 14th at 9:00 AM EST and June 19th at 9:00 PM EST.

Contest voting will begin on June 20th at 9:00 AM EST and end on June 30th at 9:00 PM EST.

To vote simply click the like button next to the post you like.

Get those posts added and lets have some fun!
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 #388197  by monte4
First of all I'd like to thank all involved for putting this virtual car show together.

My car:
2002 Chrysler 300M. Paint is Light Almond Pearl Metallic Clear Coat. Interior is Light Taupe. It has all Canadian options including PHP, Luxury Package and a full size spare on a twin six rim. It has the cold climate package along with daytime running lights. It also has the full function EVIC with full TPMS including the spare.

Car History:
My uncle bought the car brand new in 2002. It was on the showroom floor at the Chrysler/Dodge dealer in Trenton Ontario. He always bought new vehicles every 5 years (car and minivan). I first saw the car when it was only a couple of weeks old and fell in love with it. I told him right away to call me and I would buy it from him when he was ready to trade in. They winter in Florida every year and use the mini van for that so the car would sit back home in the garage every winter for the first 5 years until I bought it. I would remind him a couple of times a year to remember me when he was ready for another vehicle. The call came in 2007. When I bought it there was 61,000 kilometers (38,000 miles) on the odometer.

Today the car has just turned 151,000 kilometers (93,000 miles). I also have a pickup truck so I try to keep the M out of the winter weather. In fact last winter the car saw less than 1000 kilometers (600 miles).

Along with 3 timing belt changes I've only put 1 set of brakes and tires on it along with a new custom bent all stainless exhaust system. Mobil 1 oil and filters since the day I bought it. I do a full detail every spring including machine polishing along with several coats of paint sealant. I enjoy doing this myself and the car still looks like new. I have also had the car professionally appraised.
I sure don't have any plans on ever selling as I enjoy the car so much. Like all of us here on the forum I enjoy every moment of owning it.
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 #388242  by Greg80
1999 Chrysler 300m 2.7V6 engine

190350 kms

I am the third and happy owner of this 300 m I bought in 2015, it hadn't rolled since... 2011!
After the replacement of fluids, brakes, tires, oil pressure sensor and a good revision: he was able to get back on the road 😊
I've been using it on a daily basis since then, it's a very comfortable vehicle that I plan to keep for as long as possible!


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 #388243  by remi
Hello everyone!

First of all, good luck to all the other competitors! It is a pleasure to participate in this one of a kind contest, in honor of a great member of our community.

Let me introduce my European 2000 300M with who I have been cruising on French roads since 2013! I bought this car with less than 19'000 miles on the clock back then and I am trying my best to keep it in a pristine condition. Despite the (still) low mileage, years are now showing. Being mod-wise or maintenance-wise, everything has been done by me. Right now it is waiting for freshly painted bumpers and hood :). In essence, I want this car to be show-ready by spring 2021 so I can ship her to Carlisle, I can't wait to be cruising on American roads with her, a European-spec 300M!

I also own a 2004 Special imported in France by the previous owner. I bought this car with a broken engine and rebuilt it myself. The broken engine is going to end its life as a coffee table ;) while the car will be cruising on European roads. It is funny how these two cars behave differently on the road...


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 #388278  by geralopez
Getting this opportunity for all of us out of the USA, I’m sharing with you these pictures taken during the latest weeks at my city, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It is also another good opportunity for me within this category to show you this 300M that has been with me since 18.5 years ago (Nov 2002), I’m the only one owner and I hope she will stay whit me until the end of her life (or mine). My ‘M has a lot of bad experiences, all the typical and very known for many of us with these vehicles, engine, electrical & mechanical issues, etc. Practically everybody has the same issues around overheating whit our 3.5L engine as well as other very known problems, but taking apart all these matters, please let me know: Who in this group that owns these cars didn’t enjoy the plenitude of comfort, power, luxury that was included in our 300M’s? I’m still enjoying my M’!. For those that is a recent acquisition, I know that you will enjoy it. I think our M’s are strong enough to continue over the next 10 to 15 years, do not hesitate to keep her with you; I was in the decision to sale or to keep and yes, bingo you’re right, I keep her and that why I’m here. At least for the next following 2 or 3 years I have a lot of plans to improve and keep her life healthy but also to improve her appearance. Thank you for looking around in this post and if you like my M’ please give me your VOTE
Gerardo Lopez