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 #361410  by VisitBulgaria
 September 10th, 2016, 5:52 pm
It's definitely look like OEM, and shold have been standard from beginning, as the red glas already are there.. It's very, very easy, cheap and a effectfull job to do. The special red LED blink 2 or 3 times in a second. Faster then the little funny parachute man...


Remember to remove doorfuse or just be carefull. Just take one wire at the time and everything will be fine.

Be very careful when removing the glass, The plastic is old, and one or two of the 4 small taps will easily break. Its impossible to repair the small taps.

Then a litle drop of standard glue to hold the glass on place is your friend ( but NEVER use 10 second glue, as its make the plastic white! Use tape to holl the glass on place when the glue drye.

Notice that the glass after so many years are dirty inside - do youself a favor and wash it..

Please notice
When you drill the hole, the hole ( or light beam) angel shall be parallel with the cars side, when door is full open.

Then will traffic coming from behind look direct into the LEDs middle for full secure flashinhg/blinking effect.

Plesse remember. Its a good old fashion LED which blink 2-3 times in a second, and will NOT give a extremely strong light as new SMD does, but absolutely fine enough for secure.

With the red LEDs installed you and your passengers are much safer outside and it looks luxurious from inside, thats because the LED are pointing a litle backwards and therefore not flashing direct in your eyes, but just blinking soft and gently red, really a nice bonus :-)

Do you remember the blinking red eye HAL 9000.

"I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that."

in "2001: A Space Odyssey," from 1968. It's just makes up my mind, that our 300M was made in same period that the movie describes

Now you can have four HAL 9000, at the same time, telling you to drive safely :-) If you not listening, who knows what Hall will doing with your 300M :-)

Red wire on LED shall goes to orange wire on doorlight. Time consume : first door maybe 1/2 hour, next doors probably only 10 minuttes each as you have the tools ready and know the job. Remember: be carefull with the fragile plastic glas.

Maybe you will change the old white pinol lamp to SMD when your already working there.

Please tell us where to find quality SMD with right size and lumen on some of the china sites. I orded a very cheap comple and full Chrysler 300M SMD light set, without name, or any description, becouce it was easy. Its was not the best solution and not best quality, 2 SMD lamps are already broken.

AliExpress have differences sellers and quality and I have to try again.


You can to buy theese special automatic blinking big LEDs and, I think, the important cloth fabric tape for sound isolation on the very popular China dealsite Aliexpress. The Chrysler 300m should continue to be a luxurious car without noice from loose wires : :-)

Buying the stuff in the (Android) app is cheapest and easiest. ... iexpresshd

Sorry, I have no link for Iphones


20pcs 18cm Pre Wired 10mm Red Flash Blinking LED Light Lamp Bulb Prewired Emitting Diodes for DIY Home Decoration DC12V Price; only 6$ =20 pieces


New 19mmx 15M Hot Adhesive Cloth Fabric Tape Cable Looms Wiring Harness For Car Auto. Price 1.53 $


When ordering LED and cloth fabric tape to this litle project you olso might like buying youself something more fun - like a new new leather belts with a Bentley.
/Chrysler wing look. The quality is absolutely stunning and the automatic adjustment is a must have.! Many different colors and styles . Price only 10.50 $ That's a unbelievable cheap price in that quality.

2015 New! bentley logo Automatic buckle belts sports car men belt Leather belts for men

and offcource you need the Chrysler keyring in black leather, olso in great quality.

Chrysler car the mark keychain black genuine leather male key ring 1 laser lettering. Price 3.71 $

We all need a place for sun glasses so here is the best solution i found - still in a great quality, and they match our interior perfect. Two colors. Look like OEM

Car styling , Car glass glasses box car styling For Nissan Qashqai Rogue X-trail Sunny Livina Juke Price 6. 89 $

and last for all of us that have tons of gears - a seat gap organizer offcource - in soft and silence leather! I'm still waiting to receive them, so I'm not sure about the quality, but they must definitely be better, then those (CENSORED) nightmare plastic gabs organizers which scream all the time..

YIKA 4 Colors 2 Pcs/lot Multifunction Genuine Leather Storage Box Car Storage Organizer Seat Gap Stowing Tidying Organizer. Price; 2 pieces 25 $

Happy weekend :-) Drive wisely :swerve

This post and pictures are made with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, offcource (? ?) with wirelees charging, hifi bluetooth and in respect for our expensive earphones. I still keep my good old Samsung ;-)
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