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 #386804  by FJB LLC
Been looking at front head lamps for both of my 300Ms and am wondering if any member out there has come up with just the plastic covers, not the whole lamp assembly? And or, has anyone out there tried to replace that cover with or without success. Of course the next question is has anyone found where to buy just that cover?
I've tried a couple of different lens cleaners / polishers and with limited success, seems to come out just a little foggy. Pretty sure it's on the inside of the lens from what I can see. I'm in Arizona and our highways are VERY dusty, full of very small rocks not to mention the dry heat that is murder on anything plastic.
Fog lamps are the same way, needing a new cover. Full of pits from small rocks and other things. (no, not Chevys or Fords but close! I think a small VW once?)
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 #386809  by Sneke_Eyez
My approach has been to buy the cheapest aftermarket lights I can find on Ebay and pull the lenses off and use them.

It has worked well on 2 sets of lights so far.
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 #386810  by M-Pressive
Sneke_Eyez wrote: December 18th, 2020, 3:52 pm My approach has been to buy the cheapest aftermarket lights I can find on Ebay and pull the lenses off and use them.

It has worked well on 2 sets of lights so far.
Me too. I buy a set and swap the lenses.
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 #386812  by FIREM
Yup, Cheapo aftermarket assemblies and swap the lenses
 #386831  by FJB LLC
Thanks 300M members. Think this is what I'll do for both front headlamps. Funny, I have a cheap pair of non-300M special headlamps that I can use!

Went junkin' today, found a 2002 300M Special in one of the Phoenix yards, got the RT inner finder wheelhouse shield, left was all buggered up. Took off the left shock strut and coil spring, OEM Chrysler strut, 300M Special (I HOPE) to check spring rates. If it checks out, I plan on remaking those Special coil springs. If it checks out, I'll be going back to get one of the rears. Am needing both RT & LT radiator shields, 4805246AC & 247AC aero shields, RT is still available but LT is discontinued, if anyone has a couple of these taking up space, please let me know. Seems plastic in the desert doesn't last as long as cooler areas of the USA.

Checked with a engineer I know in the SRT division since he's been there forever, asked if he ever worked on the 3.5 300M engine? Said no he didn't so asked if he knew of anyone there that did? Asked about performance mods to the engine that Chrysler might have done? Said the people he talked to said nothing was done that they knew of as far as doing dyno work to up power. Told me to just put a blower on it and be done with all the questions. Ya, right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't think that plastic intake manifold would like it very well! Just think of 500HP, all the problems it would create? Aw hell, go for 600HP and make it a all wheel drive car. Few more beers, make it 800HP!
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 #386833  by FIREM
Welcome and Enjoy.
FWIW IF there ware easy, bolt on or plug in upgrades "WE" (as in the LH Community) would have figured them out long ago.
Be happy with the 15+ year old 4 door car (we all love) that has decent power for its day And IT STILL RUNS !
Many discussions on the drive train (trans)in efficiency, lack of aftermarket interest, etc.
Mild gains from throttle body/intake system mods to NOX or even a 4.0 $troker can be done but the trans is the "Weakest Link"
Same engine/trans in the Prowler and no real power mods, but those folks can usually afford a Hemi swap