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Maybe we should have called this the Zaino forum

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 #329822  by Null
 April 20th, 2014, 10:33 am
300maximilien wrote:My pre show prep consists of running through the local gas station car wash and using their paper towels for finale dry!


is that because you always keep it show car fresh?
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 #329826  by InfernoRedM
 April 20th, 2014, 10:57 am
LUNAT1C wrote:Regular wash and dry on the ground effects. Try not to get any polish or wax on it.

Dash, just Vinylex and Meguiars vinyl trim cleaner/protectant.
OK, thanks. Would have thought it would be good to use some type of vinyl cleaner/protectant on the ground effects as well.
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 #329827  by LUNAT1C
 April 20th, 2014, 11:00 am
As long as it dries clear. The product gets in the textured plastic and looks like hell.
 #330692  by ddurr92
 May 2nd, 2014, 11:50 am
FIREM wrote:Over the years and again recently I have been asked my 'formula" for preping FIREM for Show season. This is what I do and use, your results may vary. (I thought I did this but can't find it)
Wash: Normal weekly wash with any good car wash, Clean up time only prior to polishing DAWN Dish washing detergent, removes everything
Show Time Z-7 Show Car Wash
After wash clean with Meguire's Deep Crystal® Paint Cleaner. Mr Porta Cable helps here. Rain X Bug and Tar Pre-Wash as needed.
Zaino Z-18 ClayBar using Z7 as a lubricant. (Any other clay bar I tried was junk) Front to back roof, hood, trunk up and down on sides
Wash again with DAWN, should be "squeeky clean"
Next Dress ALL rubber and trim with Addams VRT (I pull all trim, wiper cowl etc) (Mothers Back-to-Black®Trim and Plastic Restorer day to day)
Dressing the trim first and the fact that Zaino leaves NO white dust so when you Z-6 everything looks good.
Zaino Z-AIO All-in-one next, by hand, use very little per directions. Front to back, up down like clay. Let cure for a while. Detail tires and rims etc. 2 hours later it takes itself off if you did it right. If you have to rub a lot you put to much on.
Tires/Rims Eagle One Chrome Wheel Cleaner/ Eagle One Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish /Black Magic Tire Wet Gel (Stoners MoreShine day to day and show touch up)
Zaino Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray next
Followed by Z-5 PRO Show Car Polish for Swirl Marks and Fine Scratches (front back/up down as above) Let this cure while I do the wheel wells
Wheel wells : Dawn Rags/ Black Magic Bleche White Eagle One Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish cleans the tar, smooths the plastic, followed by Addams VRT (day to day Mothers Back-to-Black®Trim and Plastic Restorer )
Take off the Z5 wipe down with Z6
Next day/ 12-24 hrs later Z-5 and /or Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes Z6 between coats. Usually by Carlisle there are 3-4 coats of Z-5 and 2 coats of Z-2 on the car.
Headlights, tails, etc PlastXÔäó Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish and Zainoed along with paint.
Interior: Leather & Vinyl Cleaner/Leather Care Gel day to day. Leatherique once a year/ Zaino Z-10 Leather in a Bottle show time
Carpet: Bissell Little Green Carpet Machine
Glass Stoners Invisable Glass
Engine:Car wash soap, blow dry with leaf blower, Detail spray, low gloss local product spray. Magichem-Detail Eze
I do have and have used Zaino Z-8 Grand Finale Spray Seal BUT must be cool and dry or causes streaks. NEVER on a hot car touch up, Use Z-6
Day to Day I use a local detail shop spray (Auto Magic #49 buy it by the gallon)
Headliner Cleaner: Local detail shop Foam-EZE (dry foam cleaner)
I do NOT use Zaino ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator Additive, (I feel it would waste product and prefer to wait)
I have not used Z-PC Fusion Dual Action Paint Cleaner Swirl Remover as Meguire's Deep Crystal® Paint Cleaner is half the price.
I have used Z-12 Clear-View Glass Polish and it does polish the glass well.
Most work is done by hand with towels and only a few microfibers.
I skip the Z-5 and only use Z-2 on the Stone White Sebring as Z-5 helps with darker colors.
"Junkman" Videos on You Tube are real good for tips and tricks (if you have the time to watch them)
"Dirt don't Stick to Clean" so keep it clean and it will shine.
Pre Indy full treatment.
Indy to Carlisle a few more coats of Z-5 / Z-2
Ocean City Z-5/ Z-2 as needed.
Using a machine more product soaks into the pad than needed to do the car. I have used the machine to do AIO when iI did the Sebring and the M for Carlisle last year. Sealed the pad in a plastic bag, was OK a fes days later to use on the Sebring.
Pro-Am has not had this much rubbin yet. Deep paint clean and Turtlewax Color Magic Black Car Polish is as good as it gets for the "truck"
Didn't I see a forum that said not to use dish detergent?
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 #330698  by LUNAT1C
 May 2nd, 2014, 12:02 pm
Don't use it every time. Use it only before a planned full detail to strip away old waxes and sealants.
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 #330721  by FIREM
 May 2nd, 2014, 4:08 pm
"Pay Attention to Detail"
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 #350378  by FIREM
 September 29th, 2015, 7:12 am
Edited first post and linked to product thread