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 #205291  by tinman
85merk wrote:i can't speak for my NGK Laser Platinums just yet because after 80K on the Bosch +4s ANYTHING will feel faster now lol
i had an injector cleaning done as well, so my seat-of-the-pants (sp?) feeling of going much faster could be from the tune-up along with the new plugs.

speaking of which, how much are the plugs for you guys?
anything Canadian here we get raped on....then if you get the dealership involved you get raped on even more.

almost 10 years ago i bought the most expensive plugs ever in the history of me buying plugs...Denso Iridium IQ-20 CAN$37 a piece x 8
i'm usually good with the dollar Champions.
well these NGKs cost me $18 each.

WOW is right :!:
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 #205301  by grayslater
No way in hell I'd spend that amount of money on plugs! OUCH.
 #205305  by 85merk
^^ but hey...i get free health care...-sigh-

 #205308  by tinman
85merk wrote:^^ but hey...i get free health care...-sigh-

Pretty soon you won't have anything on us, either!
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 #205321  by Bill Putney
Don't get us started!
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 #394647  by MoPar~Guy
I see this is an olde thread, but I was searching the internets for any sort of comments or chatter about the NGK ZFR5LP and not finding much, just retail-related links.

I've just had a look at 1 plug from my '04 300m. Just a regular M (not special). I acquired this car about 3 years ago, it had 110k miles at the time, I've put 13k miles on in since then. In the past month I did a timing-belt / tensioner / water pump / rad-hose / pullies+belts / flywheel change, I'd bet $1000 that they were all factory original. So it's at 199k km now (124k miles).

I was curious about the plugs, not sure if they'd be original or not, so I pulled 1 plug and it was NGK ZFR5LP. I was surprised - my first impression was that these were obviously swapped in, assuming the car would have had Champions from the factory. I read here now that the NKG was factory for the M Specials. This plug I took out is REALLY worn down. It is VERY CLEAN, but gaps at maybe 61 or 62 thou, way beyond the 50 thou I think it would have been when new?

I think this is strong evidence that Chrysler was using NGK on most (all?) 300m's in '04.

I have a set of new Champion 3034 RC12PEC5 that I could install here, would this be a big downgrade from these NGK's ?

(to help answer this question, know that the gasoline we have here in Ontario Canada for most of 2023 and into the future is going to be E10 on all grades, and maybe that will tick up by 1% each year for the next few years, and I've only ever used in my 300m's is the lowest octane 87 with E10 because the price difference going to 89 is rather high and goes to insane for 91)
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 #394653  by LUNAT1C
My understanding is Champion was used in early cars, and 3.5 HO received NGKs from 02 onward. Not sure if all LHs got NGK after 02, or just the HO. I don't believe only the Special received it.

Odds on bet you just pulled out the original plugs. I'm a fan of using whatever the OEM specified for the car and would use NGK again. I think that's what I used in my Jeep since that was OEM for that vehicle. My Durango is probably Champion and will receive the same... but I'll triple check that since that's a 16-plug job.
 #394654  by StealthM
I know that my original engine came with the champion plugs. I replaced them with the NGKs. Iam not sure what plugs are in Stealth sister car, but I ordered the NGKs to replace what's in there. FWIW....
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 #394657  by MoPar~Guy
Looking at rock auto, I see that they list an NGK 7781 Laser Platinum ($7) but not ZFR5LP. But interestingly they show a Mopar SZFR5LP13 (for $12) that are obviously NGK, with blue printing, the exact same ones I've got in the car now.

A recent hiway trip the overhead console was showing about 29 mpg (flat terrain, no headwind, 65 mph, asphalt surface) which is pretty standard for what I've see in my other M's under similar conditions. This is on 89 octane E10 gas (which was first time I've ever used anything other than 87 octane). They've been rebuilding the 401 highway with grooved cement in some places I drive recently, I seem to lose 1 mpg on that.

But in any case, these old worn plugs will stay in the car for now, they seem to be working fine.