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 #149568  by Shadowvox6
I just got my on call schedule for 2008...and I am guessing I need to swap my week in May so I can attend the event (assuming we have it)
I am currently on call the week of 5/12 (which would include 5/16-5/18)
I am trying to swap it for the week before 5/12

I don't think it is too early to discuss this.

A) Are we going to have the event this year?
B) Which members are thinking of attending?
C) Any changes you can think of that you would like to make?

I had an awesome time last year, and hoping to have an awesome time in 08'!!

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 #149574  by Timbo
I am not sure, I havn't talked to John yet. I will get a hold of him soon.

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 #149603  by velobard
I sure hope it happens, we plan on being there in Loogie. Just today I was looking at the calender for the 2008 Indy events. The Mayor's Breakfast isn't on the official calender yet, but of course it should happen on the weekend of 5/17-18.

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 #149606  by beespecial
I sooooo want this to happen again. I had a great time and it seemed everyone else did too.

Before I go any further I have to say that I have gotten far more credit for the '07 meet than I think I should. Much more credit should go to BigMike60 because he got the ball rolling in the first place and did a lot of leg work getting it organized talking with the 500 Festival people and coordinating the ticketing and credentialing with the club treasurer. Without Mike's work I'm sure the meet wouldn't have gone as smooth as it did. I arranged the accomodations and was more than happy to serve as the ambassador to Indy and guide around the IMS facility and I'm ready to do it again.

I checked IMS website and there's nothing yet on the schedule except for race day. I think we actually started discussions for the meet in January so we're not too far off from that that we couldn't start planning for the '08 meet now. I'll get in touch with BigMike60 and see if he wants to be a part of the planning for '08.

 #149607  by bugoy99
Hopefully, I will make it again this year. Had a great time last year.

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 #149609  by kumiyer
I have been missing out lately on the events and the club activities in general.....

will def. be there this year !!!

Lets make it happen guys............
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 #149611  by beespecial
shadowvox6 wrote:Group, I don't think it is too early to discuss this.

A) Are we going to have the event this year?
B) Which members are thinking of attending?
C) Any changes you can think of that you would like to make?

I had an awesome time last year, and hoping to have an awesome time in 08'!!
I agree. For those who were in attendance in '07, can you think of anything you'd like to be different? Please mention it now so we see if we can make it happen.

I thought the Adam's Mark was a nice hotel but was not overly excited for the location by the airport. It was selected because it offered pretty much everything we needed and was reasonably close to the track. Even so, I plan to find someplace for everyone to stay that I feel is better.

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 #149624  by FIREM
INDY I'm in ! Hotel set up was ok, if we change locations will they also provide clean up area and our " Show place" , that was great. Only thing I would like to see better is if we do the lap at the track try to prepare for all of us to run together and arrange some photo ops.
Any one that is thinking of going, don't think just go definatly applies to this opportunity !! See you at INDY 08 ! I may stay the week and go to the race, standing offer from "uncle Tom" for race day seats.... Can't wait......

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 #149625  by swalker
I'm in!!!!!

 #149628  by Shadowvox6
Gotta hit the go-kart track Friday night...
Perhaps a hotel on the northwest side...that would be cool.

other than that....things should be great...

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 #149634  by velobard
One thing that comes to mind is that we had an issue at the hotel because some adults wanted to drink and others had kids who weren't allowed in the bar. It was resolved by the hotel providing a private room, but I don't know that we can count on that again. It would be nice to find a hotel with a resturant where kids would be allowed, but adult beverages are served as well.

 #149635  by ezgoing2406
I am so looking forward to all the meets next year. Because once I get all my mods done. Then I will have time to do things. I might be able to get tire rack to come up with something for us because they are one of my sponsors for car. If you guys can come up with something let me know.
 #149654  by BigMike60
Sorry to be so absent here. I've been really busy, especially with Vette events, and trying to get the home laptop from the wife and get on with dial up is a chore. Anyway, John contacted me this week prior to going hunting for Bambi. I told him that I was up for another meet at Indy, hopefully on Bump/Mayor's Breakfast Saturday. It was really a great event last time. As soon as the date is nailed down, I will get working with John to get it set up. Expect the breakfast to run about $65 per person again, if we can get a Club rate. [Hell the pic of John and me with the Princesses was worth that to this old] I told John that I rated the hotel as one of the best I have ever stayed at for the price, and I would like to go there again, smoking issues notwithstanding, since smoking in other restaurants was also an issue. They went out of their way to accommodate us, and like I said, the place was really nice and we had a good display/parking area and a good nearby auto parts store, which I needed. lol
I will try to get with the Indy people to see if we can 1) run as a reasonably assembled group for our lap on the track rather than haphazardly [assuming we can get the lap again this year]; and 2) some early photo access either for one of our people, or one of theirs, to take some shots of the group on the track from the high grandstand or roof top areas. The final request would be to have a photo op where the M's stop at the Yard of Bricks and each owner could get out next to his car and kneel down and kiss the bricks. That might be too much but it never hurts to ask, particularly if we can muster maybe 40 folks for the breakfast. Anyway, John and I will get on it right after the new year begins and dates appear on their site. 8)

And yes, there will be signs and other goodies for attendees. lol
 #149896  by BigMike60
I was just on the Indy Festival site and they have some dates and events posted, although not much detail. Enough to start making your plans and scheduling vacation time.

May 17, 2008 - 500 Festival Breakfast at the Brickyard, presented by ProLiance Energy. Time is 0930. Recall that last year, entry to the Brickyard began at 0800. We did a lap on the track, parked the cars near the Pagoda and rubbed elbows and other body parts [if one was lucky] with the 33 Princesses, and munched sweet rolls and swilled coffee until the formal breakfast began about 0900. I would expect that we can do all that again this year, and maybe then some. Ensembles in white and black highlight the checkered flag motiff of the event.

Also Armed Forces Day events happen on this Saturday.

May 18, 2008 - Chase 500 Festival Kid's Day - 12 noon

Chase 500 Festival Rookie Run. This is a kids event where they get to run/walk distances based upon age. Some as short as a city block or less. A fun family event.

May 21, 2008 - Festival Community Day - 0900. If you cannot make the meet or if you want to stay on for activities occuring during the week, this event will allow you to take a lap on the track.

May 23, 2008 [my guess] Carbureation Day.

May 24, 2008 - Indy 500 Festival Parade - 12 noon. All drivers and SO's are driven around in Festival Vettes. Quite a parade if the weather is good.

Snakepit Ball - 6p.m. - I think this is a black tie type event the eve before the race and lots of dignitaries are present and big name groups entertain. The Commodores performed last year. It was sold out last year.

OK, this is what I've got so far, "Gentlemen and Ladies start your schedules."

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 #149912  by FIREM
I can taste the bricks already !!!!

 #149918  by bugoy99
Mike60, that means I will be driving 1016 miles one-way and back for the second time, I enjoyed it though. I hope my new boss will grant me at least 5 days OFF.

 #149942  by maximman
well it looks like i'm in. last year was great and now that i know what to expect i can plan better. oughta be great.

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 #149944  by grayslater
maximman wrote:well it looks like i'm in. last year was great and now that i know what to expect i can plan better. oughta be great.
Long time no hear, James! Hope to see you there??

 #149945  by maximman
hey cory. it has been a while. i've had a lot of things going on this year so i haven't been online much lately. thanks for the shout out.

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 #149949  by swalker
Hey James Let me know if you need any parts.
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