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 #244733  by aliskerov
So, since Ive been on this board the tristate members have been trying to have a meeting. Not sure about tristate in general, but I know I haven't heard of any New Jersey/New York meetings taking place. I want to forward the motion of going through with this. Now, as its (CENSORED)-freezin cold outside I think we should wait till april or so, but lets set a date and a place and a time and mark it on our calendars. Its only one day guys, but I think it will really be worth it.
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 #244750  by 300maximilien
I know Alandw just had a meet not too long ago in CT.

I'm sure people will be excited to get the meet season going as soon as the weather breaks.
 #244755  by DKano
If it's in the Summer I might make it. April can still get pretty cold out here. We had a lot of Mustang meets in April and we just froze our tails off! This might be my last year in New York so I'll try my best to make it.
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 #244756  by FIREM
April too cold.
May INDY!!
June......Pool side my place??? may be able to do something ??? Central NJ Exit 10 NJTP ??
July Carlisle PA
 #244759  by DKano
FIREM wrote:June......Pool side my place??? may be able to do something ??? Central NJ Exit 10 NJTP ??
Now we're talking!! :D
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 #244763  by 300man86
I'll probably have a meet again for the Western PA Eastern Ohio members again in late July or early August.

But depending on when and where the meet takes place I maybe interested as long as work doesn't conflict.

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 #245812  by FISK50
I'm all for a TriState meet, let's do it when it warms up a bit. Keep me posted on this topic. Can't wait to meet the whole Tri State Gang.
 #245822  by silversrfer
Sounds good!
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 #245830  by TLCMET
I'd be in! Its been a long time since the last meet I went to in NJ:
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 #245841  by aliskerov
Sounds great. I'm sure we'd have a blast, a nice drive, share tips, tricks, and ideas. Poolside sounds awesome, if you'd be down for it. I'm psyched! (first 300m meeting since I had the car; could never make it to carslie or indy)
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 #245851  by FIREM
We will have to wait for this thing to thaw :lol:
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 #245863  by M-Pressive
I would come down for a meet. Only a few hours away from me.
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 #245921  by FIREM
Thawed View
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 #245925  by alandw
You can count me in!! What ever month, location, etc - I'm there.
I will be having another CT meet this year as well - also poolside available.

But I tell ya, aliskerov - it would be great to kick off the meet year early in April.
May already starts kicking in INDY, Carlisle Performance and Style, Memorial Day and my daughter's Sweet 16 -death if I go to a meet that weekend - :guillotine

June would work, but July is Carlsile Chrysler Nationals.

But since I will do a meet in CT, what ever you NY/NJ guys decide, I'm there.
 #245981  by rockland300m
[quote="June......Pool side my place??? may be able to do something ??? Central NJ Exit 10 NJTP ??[/quote]

Now that sounds like a plan.
 #246134  by BossSlate
Tri- State? I'm there whenever,wherever as long as its Tri-state (NY,NJ,CT even Philly)
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 #246139  by aliskerov
I'm down for april. The main point is getting some tristate 300m members together. I love the idea of the pool, would be wonderful. Thanks to all for showing interest, I'm definitely excited about this. Lets figure out if everyone else is down for april. So...whos down for april?
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 #246154  by LUNAT1C
Give me place and time... I'm there!
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