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 #254786  by EasyRider300M
Nice pics Peter. Looks like you all had a great time. Nice to see meets happening in other countries
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 #254825  by YardleyBill
Sehr gut!

(Hope that is right and I didn't just insult someone.)
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 #254829  by Peter300M
YardleyBill wrote:Sehr gut!

(Hope that is right and I didn't just insult someone.)
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 #254831  by YardleyBill
My wife and I took a 2 week trip to Germany BK (before kids).

What a great place.
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 #254832  by DaleFicken
Didn't they export Ms after 01? Like the specialized M in the crowd. Needs to find a piece of rear door trim! Great pics!
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 #254837  by Bill Putney
Nice turn out!


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 #254844  by 300man86
Nice turnout. Pictures looks great.

 #254847  by Tarheel
The 300Ms are well documented, but where are the pictures of the food and beer? Did anyone drive at speed?
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 #254865  by krautmaster
YardleyBill wrote:...What a great place.
Agreed- I lived in little villages there for eight years: '86-90 in Mehlingen and Sippersfeld (between Kaiserslautern and Bad Durkheim), and from '00-04 in Nimshuscheidermuhle and Feuerscheid (In the Hoch Eifel, 10 miles west of Bitburg and 10 miles east of the Belgian border).
Good people, good times, good beer, fast cars...
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 #254871  by Tarheel
Very nice looking home!
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 #254923  by krautmaster
It was indeed a beautiful place - all 10,000 square feet of it! Originally it was a "ferienwohnung" (vacation house) with seven apartments that were rented out by the week/month to Dutch tourists who come to the Eifel region to get away from the table top flatlands of Holland (as you can see in the pic, the land is pretty steep) and for for the excellent hiking, fishing, and fast driving! My landlord was the architect (Dipl.-Ing.FH Gisela Thiel) who built it and her office was in the apartment upstairs on the third floor. I had the entire second floor (about 3,800 sq ft) and an older German couple had the bottom floor. She has subdivided it again by splitting the floors into two apartments each, and now has five families living in it. We all had a great time... especially hanging out with the volunteer fire department guys, which was basically a drinking club. Here is the view out my bedroom window looking down to where the other pic was taken from (now you can understand why I don't like Phoenix):
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 #254924  by Tarheel
I'm ready to move!
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 #254935  by YardleyBill
But the real question is ... how was the local brewery?
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 #254941  by krautmaster
Pretty good- Bitburger Pils -it's now one of the largest breweries in the world. The landlords cousin worked there and got 4 or 5 free cases every month, which he distributed around-I almost always got one. The brewery is what drives the local economy, and everybody has a relative who depends on it for their livelihood. I used to set tongues wagging all over town when I was seen drinking Bavarian beer (I prefer a dark malty brew to the light, hoppy pils): ''did you see that crazy Ami yesterday? He was drinking Paulaner again! I bet he puts ketchup on his schnitzel too..."

BTW: Ami= American, and the U.S. is sometimes called "ketchup Island" because of our propensity to put it on everything.
 #254961  by Tarheel
krautmaster wrote: ----I bet he puts ketchup on his schnitzel too -------"
I've seen it done. :(
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 #260212  by 300maximilien
Just looking through your pictures again Peter.....what a cool Euro "M"eet!!

Any plans for more?