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 #291246  by M-Pressive
 October 16th, 2012, 7:15 pm
FIREM wrote: My OC experiance started Wed. Keith and Lindsey traveled to "The Days Inn, Somerset" (or at least had a road adventure) After dinner Keith and I clayed, poilshed, and coated his Benz (along with some TLC) with his new product. Results were great for a 4 hour "quickie" and final detailing was done at the show.
Jumped to get home from the show. Search for tools to remove batery, no 10mm, Keith bailed me out. Thank You.
So now I'm sitting in Keith's Benz, with the old battery on my lap, Hank calls to see if I need a hand. Thanks man, we look out for each other. Mission accomplished, new battery in and all electrical issues go away :D
This is what the club is all about, friends helping friends. Thank you very much for detailing my car Bob, I really appreciate it.

I was happy to help and drive you to the parts store, I am glad everything worked out and the car is running well again.

I can't wait till next year!
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 #291257  by First Lady
 October 16th, 2012, 9:31 pm
Hi all,
As has been noted, we had a blast again in Ocean City this year! So wonderful to see everyone, laugh, and catch up!

Keith and I started our trip on Wednesday morning as we headed to "The Day's Inn, Somerset". Our trip was interesting as we avoided traffic over the George Washington Bridge to NYC and ended up going THROUGH the city! All of a sudden I realized what we were doing, looked out the right hand side of the car and there was TIMES SQUARE!!! Okay, so maybe not the most direct way to get to New Jersey but we still believe it did save us some time sitting in traffic to get over the bridge. The other side of the Lincoln Tunnel lead us to the New Jersey Turnpike. When the Navigation told us 12 miles to our destination we were pumped...little did we know the turnpike was closed (yes all 7 lanes of the turnpike) and EVERY car, truck, and angry driver was being taken off the road on one 2-lane exit!!! You can imagine how well that went....2 and a half hours later we arrived (yes, it tool that long to go 12 miles)!!!!

Extremely thankful to be with Bob and Darlene, we enjoyed a delicious dinner and the guys got to rubbin! 4 hours later the car was beautifully polished and ready for the show. Darlene and I enjoyed looking at their daughter's recent wedding pictures (beautiful!!) and discussing many things!! Our stay with them was wonderful and we're thankful for the expertise with the car and the wonderful place to stay.

Thursday morning we headed out to Ocean City...through rain!! We arrived to pick up packets for others coming into town late and met up with Dave and Cindy at the hotel! We were all shocked to see the size of our rooms and there's nothing like the view of the beach, sound of the crashing waves, and the laughs of fellow club members as we relaxed and caught up with each other. As Cindy highlighted, we had a delightful Italian meal at a restaurant discovered by Darlene! Following dinner and an amazing sunset, we hung around as others arrived. All were impressed by Dave's hand-crafted LED tail lights!! Quite the light show as Jason and Jordan pulled in the parking lot!! Amazing light installations guys!! Alan followed shortly after....45 minutes ahead of schedule!! Impressive!

Friday morning started early as we gathered to ride in the parade! The club represented for sure and looked awesome! While I was not in any shape to be running the boardwalk this year, I snapped some pictures and hopped in Bob's car to ride the remainder of the parade. If I hadn't been in the car and head the comment with my own ears, I probably wouldn't have believed it!! To whatever spectator decided it was a good idea to share his perspective on the 300M, I think I know a number of people who would beg to differ with you that "that was the ugliest car Chrysler ever made"!! A word of advise to that time keep your mouth shut!!!!

Our morning continued with breakfast at our local caf├® and a little cleaning and prepping. Yes, Cindy got her rear rubbed...super funny!! Bob really does have a way with rubbin!! The perfect summer day was spent hanging out at the show, checking out the cars, enjoying Thrasher's French Fries, and breathing the ocean air! Meeting up with Hank and his wife for dinner, Cindy shared our adventure to Waterman's who didn't have any power, suggestion of Captain's Galley II by the bartender, a delicious dinner, and ice discover that Waterman's had had a fire!! Crazy! We're thankful that no one was hurt and looking forward to them rebuilding! After ice cream we hung in the parking lot a bit and commented about the "weekend of strict enforcement" with each squeal of the tires!

Saturday morning the group was up early to claim an end spot at the show field and Alan and Seth participated in the parade with the trunk open for all to see! We added 2 new members and had 7 club cars displayed. Welcome Jordan and Nick! As we did last year, hoping to get the crowed involved with our club, we offered them the opportunity to vote for the Best In Show. Congrats to Alan and Cindy for their tie!! A bit of car excitement (eerr, car troubles) found Bob and Keith making a run to the auto parts store for a new battery. Doesn't get better than the M Family when you're helping out another club member and others are calling to see what they can do! Our annual club dinner at Bonfire was great! Having 2 trophies in the middle of the table sure brings over a number of inquiring people! A great way to draw attention to our club! We were joined by, special guest, Robert and his friend for dinner and go-karting! I like to think that our club has a hand in the success that Robert experiences each time he runs around and crunches in a meet directly following a job interview. Congrats on the new position and good luck in your move to Michigan!!!! Remember, you said it "Carlisle is mandatory!!" Our evening ended with spirited go-karting and ice cream! And of course some parking lot hanging out or Keith and I shared a beer with Hank and his!

Sunday was our annual breakfast at Happy Jacks! The weather was cold and rainy so time spent at the show field was limited. We said our goodbyes under umbrellas and headed home.

It's always a great end to the summer and nice to spend the time with the 300M family in Ocean City! Thanks all who attended and wonderful to see you all again! Only 7 short months until Indy and 9 until Carlisle!! Can't wait to do it again!!
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 #291281  by 300maximilien
 October 17th, 2012, 7:02 am
Alan was early??? I know you guys are making stuff up!
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 #291326  by mnitetrain
 October 17th, 2012, 8:07 pm ... RMANS.html

Also as of 2105 10/28/2012 F5 snorkel is visible on the boardwalk cam Earlier they were doing some work on the boardwalk maybe 50 yards north of this.
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 #291351  by First Lady
 October 18th, 2012, 10:27 am
300maximilien wrote:Alan was early??? I know you guys are making stuff up!
Well.....their ETA kept getting pushed back all day long but at one point they did say 11pm and arrived around 10:20pm!! We were all impressed and excited to see them!
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 #292442  by LUNAT1C
 November 4th, 2012, 2:12 pm
Ocean City is a lucky charm... Had my interview in Detroit Thursday, flew home Friday, saw you guys Saturday night, got the offer Tuesday! Now that I'm a bit closer, Indy is a great possibility. Carlisle is mandatory even I'm living in Shanghai (long distance award, anyone??), and Ocean City has to be squeezed in again to pay tribute to it!
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 #301439  by mnitetrain
 March 13th, 2013, 8:17 pm
Hoping the new favorite restaurant survived Sandy and these other coastal storms with no ill effects.

Jonesing for crabcake.