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 #339169  by M-Pressive
This recap was originally posted in the club newsletter, it is being re-posted here for the new Indy webpage that is in the works.

Article Contributed By: FIREM

Once again the adage of "All Roads Lead to Indy" rang true for the faithful few that have attended this event in the past. We even added a few new members to the event this year!

Friday started with John, Travis and Bob getting together for a quick breakfast. Travis had to go to work so John and Bob did some "fixin" at John's house. A brake system flush was the order of the day. Then off to the track to watch some practice runs. Track conditions were great and there were some exciting events happening as preparations for "The Great Race" were underway. Cars and teams were practicing, and looking for speed as "Pole Day" approached.

Back at the hotel, more members were gathering as Mike, Ron, Stan and Cory arrived. We spent some time in the parking lot catching up, swapping lies, and more. John ran out for some liquid refreshments to keep the crew cool. Mike got his heater motor swapped out by Bob. Mike, as usual, had goodies to distribute. Stan got to chew on the fresh ears of Ron (the "new guy"). Cory got to show off his latest efforts with his new toy "Mr. Porter Cable" and the results were just fabulous. Travis rejoined the group and then it was time to get something to eat.

Being environmentally friendly (HA!), carpooling was the order of the day. For some strange reason, Stan and Bob missed the turn to dinner while testing out the acceleration of Stan's SRT but did manage to arrive at dinner with very large grins.
After dinner we went back to the hotel for more camaraderie and to make plans for the next day.

Saturday was the Mayor's Breakfast and Pole Day at the track. Event coordinator Mike had us up early to depart for the track, but of course, some were already up and rubbin' ..... at "O-Dark-Thirty" as usual.

We lined up and waited for our turn to blaze around (at least in our minds) the infamous "Brickyard." It never gets old for the veterans and was really an experience for the "first timers." It is an interesting event. Some regular folks in mini vans, other car clubs, pick ups to show cars ... everyone wants a run on the bricks. As in the past, Mike arranged another memorable photo opportunity by the track photographers for our group. Some of the pictures even made it on to the official IMS site.

The Mayor's Breakfast had the usual highlights of Mayors and Festival Princesses. Dan Sullivan was the guest speaker to entertain the group. Dan Sullivan is the famous winner of the 1985 Indy with his "spin to win" claim to fame. Mike managed to pick up a few autographs of drivers, and we got to view the official Pace Car up close and personal. A trip to the garage area during tech inspection was a bonus as part of the deal. Watching teams search for speed, qualifying, and all the drama that goes along with Pole Day at the track has to be experienced for sure.

In the afternoon the group reconvened at the hotel parking lot to greet more members. We got to meet Kent and he showed off his clear tails and other mods he is in the process of working on. Tom and Dennis also joined the group. Then it was time for some "spirited driving" and off to Georges for dinner. After dinner was the night cap as we prepared for Sunday's Show & Shine.

Sunday ... Show & Shine! As expected at any Club Event there are those that just cannot help themselves. "O-Dark-Thirty " and once again two guys with nothing better to do but primp their rides were at it long before the sun was up. As the sun rose and more joined the crowd it was time to show off our stuff. There was some interest by some locals and that was interesting to say the least. Some just stopped by to admire our cars; others were just curious.

Once Travis arrived and "The Honorable" Michelle to tally the votes we were ready to begin the process. (It should be noted that Michelle recently graduated "With Honors" and arrived in a well detailed and tricked out Grand Prix.)

After awards and more of Mike's generous giveaways, it was time for some to depart the meet. As we said our goodbyes, some guy drove by in a "71 Plumb Crazy Challenger. Shortly after Mike and Stan left, the Challenger came back! What a treat to meet and greet another Mopar guy with a real special car. After spending some time with us and showing off his ride, the time had come for the meet to end. As we went our separate ways - some home, some back to the track for a final fix of race cars - memories set it that will last forever.

Great thanks once again to Mike and John for arranging another Indy meet!