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 #387625  by First Lady
 March 31st, 2021, 2:51 pm
FalKen wrote: March 31st, 2021, 2:26 pm So happy for you guys !!!! always wanted to visit the area, but would love to visit you guys more!! congrats!! Sounds like all is going well so far.
YES!!! Come visit!!!!!!
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 #387656  by FIREM
 April 7th, 2021, 1:50 pm
Great to hear things are moving along well. Pool, cold or not, is a nice reward for all that hard physical labor.
Warm weather has finally arrived and "Pollen Season" is winding down.
Hope to see you guys soon!.
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 #387658  by LUNAT1C
 April 7th, 2021, 2:10 pm
Pollen season... winding down? It hasn't begun yet! :eek Just now starting to see a few early buds forming and grasses rising around here.
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 #387672  by First Lady
 April 9th, 2021, 7:33 pm
It’s been a busy two weeks but here’s the full story! Grab a drink and hunker down!

On March 24th Keith and I picked up the first truck – a monstrous 26’ long truck!! Just the few miles home were a learning experience and we also discovered that Keith had mistakenly packed his trucker hat! What a bummer! However, I’m happy to report he successfully backed it into the driveway once at home, hat not needed to drive like a pro!

That evening after logging off our computers, we began to fill it with our possessions, trying to carefully distribute weight, tightly pack so it would all fit, and protect it all so there was little damage. To our surprise, we ended up getting about half of the large truck full and felt really good about ourselves! As we tucked the ramp back into the truck to pull it back a few feet closer to the house, all I heard was crashing and banging! Sure enough, those end pieces had come crashing down. And yes, of course they were glass!!!!

Thursday morning, we met Ryan at the Home Depot to pickup the second truck – a 16’ long truck! We sent him off to work and drove it home to pack. Keith and I had the day off, so we spent the entire day loading those trucks!!! As we opened the large truck after repositioning it again, there was a true test to my packing ability. I shook ever box that had fallen the night before, fully prepared to dump it if it made noise – shook each one and silent! Nothing broken – shockingly!! Midafternoon, we heard from the car transport guy that he preferred to pick up the cars that afternoon due to rain on Friday morning. Great minds think alike, and we were able to meet him at a local parking lot to load them in.

He was wonderful!! He took such great care of them – a true professional!! He was meticulous about going over the cars and loaded them so carefully. M-Pressive went in first and was loaded into the nose of the truck on the top layer. The Charger was loaded in right behind it. Both wouldn’t be touched again until drop off, so it really was the perfect setup. Even with as much care as he took – extra towels to cover doors as he had to lean out the window, it was nerve wracking to leave them in someone else’s care. As they both were loaded, I turned to Keith and asked if this is what it feels like to drop your kids off at camp?


Returning with confidence but nerves, we finished an amazing task – loading the trucks. Space was getting tight as the day went on! Keith’s family came by for one last goodbye and visited for about an hour. Then Scott came by and we stood outside for another two hours catching up. Going back inside around 10, we cleaned for an hour and went to bed. Not how we planned to spend the night, but it was wonderful to see them all one last time. There wasn’t much sleep that happened that night, only a few hours! We were too exited and stressed and nervous and worried!!

‘Twas the night before moving, when all through the house
Not a thing was left unpacked, not even my spouse;
The moving trucks were packed in the driveway with care,
In hopes that the big day soon would be there;
The Jarvis' were nestled all snug on the floor beds;
while visions of palm trees danced in our heads;
And Keith in his pjs, and I in what's left to wrap,
Had just settled our muscles for a short night's nap,
When only a few hours later there rang such an alarm,
we sprang from our slumber to join the southern charm.
Away to the empty rooms, getting them that was way tough,
Tore open the moving trucks and threw in the last of our stuff.
The temperatures were crisp on this end of March day,
Gave us one last chill for winter before we stray,
When what to my stressed out mind did I think,
but return the Fios and get Keith and Ryan in sync.
With a three vehicle caravan so lively and slow,
I knew it'd take two days to get there but we'd be out of the snow.
More nerves than Nancy the miles we'll drive,
And we'll radio, and wave, and call out directions to survive:
Now route 95, NJ Turnpike, 295 and 895!
On route 95! On more 95! On 95 and finally 26!
To south of the border! To the low country, the perfect mix!
Now drive away! Drive away! Drive away y'all!"
As memories that fill our hearts as the miles they pass,
when we owe so much to our family and friends in Mass;
so we hold them close and promise to visit.
With the trucks full of car parts, and living things too -
And then, in a long 16.5 hours, the miles we'll clock
The puttering and shifting of each little box.
As we near the red pin, and in the driveway we'll turn,
To a yellow house on a cute street, our butts will yearn.
We'll be dressed in big smiles, from my ear to theirs,
And our clothes were all rumpled and who want's to bet I'll have tears;
A bundle of boxes we'll have tucked on our hands,
and we looked like professionals just executing our plans.
Our eyes - how they'll widen! Our muscles, how they'll hurt!
Our butts will be like pancakes, our routes better not divert!
Our excited little life in the trucks for the weekend,
And the kindness to help us from a wonderful dear friend;
The sun will welcome us with spring in the air,
and the pool will cool us, who's going in first, that's a dare;
We'll begin to settle in and make it our home,
with setting up our belongings and starting to roam.
We are excited and anxious, a perfect balance of emotion,
and we'll laugh and we'll smile each time at the ocean;
A new state to live and amazing weather we've said
soon filled the new rooms to know we had nothing to dread;
We spoke of a plan, it took a bit to make happen,
we'll be there soon; then know it's not too misshapen,
and while pouring some Blue and raising for a toast,
and taking a sigh, down our hatches to celebrate the most;
We're thankful for everyone, to them we send hugs,
and a new chapter we start in hopes you'll visit these mugs.
But you'll hear us exclaim, ere we drive out of sight -
Happy moving day to us, and peace out MA!"

The alarm went off way too early Friday morning and we sprung into action! We tore apart the rest of the house, getting all the very last stuff to the front door. Last minute cleaning and checking to make sure we got EVERYTHING!! Ryan and Ashley brought us bagels and helped to load the very last of our stuff. I did a final walkthrough with our landlord and just as the three closed the doors to the truck on shoehorning our life into two trucks, we were ready to drive!

With our final look into Elkway, I turned to Keith, Ryan, and Ashley on the front steps and started balling!! Shocker, I know!! Saying goodbye to Ashley sent me into full blown water works!!!! It all happened so quickly but within minutes we were on the road, headed south!!
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 #387673  by First Lady
 April 9th, 2021, 7:35 pm
As we drove away from 24 Elkway for the last time, it was so bittersweet!! So many wonderful memories but so much excitement ahead of us. We all had our truck route apps set up with hopes to get as far as we could on the first day.

I was leading with Ryan behind me in the 16-footer, and Keith brought up the rear in the 26’ truck. It was slow at best, but we polished off MA in no time. RI brought some really, really thick fog and passing an impressive accident where a woman literally launched her car into the trees in the median. The tow truck had arrived, and the driver was pondering how to hook and pull. It was quite a scene and I’m just not sure exactly how she did it!! CT was uneventful except we couldn’t take the Merrett Parkway due to the size of the trucks, so we were on less familiar roads. Getting through NY was super stressful as I had to ensure the trucks would fit on the roads we were taking, and the guys were trying to drive these huge things in horrible and sporadic traffic. They did an amazing job getting through it!!!!!!!

NJ was long, windy, and a bit frustrating at the rest stations. Ryan ran into some thoughtless people trying to get gas. And to boot, there was a wind advisory for the 20-30 mph winds that were plaguing us. They were hyper focused and always had two hands on the wheel! Again, the guys did an amazing job driving – white knuckle driving that is!!

The winds died down a bit as we crossed into DE (the bridge was surprisingly not windy) and made it to MD where I again was stressed to make sure we only drive on roads that these big trucks could fit on. We stopped for a quick bite to eat sitting on the curb in front of the M and decided on our destination – south of Richmond. We discovered that the driving was so much slower than we hoped but made it to the first hotel right at midnight. Only to find out their system had crashed, and they couldn’t book any more rooms. When I tell you the last thing I wanted to do was get in the car and drive to another hotel…I’m sure only Keith and Ryan wanted it more!! We had backed the trucks into each other for the night and everything was perfect…except, no beds! So off to another hotel we went, hitting the pillow about 1:15am.

Another short night and moving slow morning found us back on the road. Keith went ahead and actually had great success just maneuvering himself. Ryan and I caught up the 7 miles in about an hour and we just drove. We drove and we drove and we drove!! But the time on the GPS estimated arrival time wasn’t moving!!! There were accidents all along 95 South ahead of us and adding so much time to the trip. At one point, we just decided to get off as we rather wait together standing up instead of sitting in our respective vehicles in bumper to bumper traffic going nowhere! As we pulled into the Loves gas station, I apparently didn’t do a good job waiting for a truck driver to back into a spot and after 7 tries at one spot and moving to another further down, I parked. She didn’t like that! We hung out for a bit and then back on the road!!

A quick adventure to potty and feed ourselves in NC and back on the road. We were going to drive until we got there but still had a few more hours!! Traffic was so annoying. With 95 only being two lanes, it was so hard to make any progress.

Finally, Ryan and I arrived at the house down the wrong road (woops, I took the dirt road to our house by mistake) and Keith just a few minutes later. The poor neighborhood had no idea what had just hit it!!

Just shy of 1000 miles, 22 hours of driving with two large, heavy trucks and it took the very last seconds for something to happen – Ryan tapped the mailbox with the mirror of his truck! No harm, no foul!!
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 #387674  by First Lady
 April 9th, 2021, 7:36 pm
After stretching out legs for a bit and toasting with Blue...

...we started to unload in hopes to get the smaller truck empty ASAP. We were able to get the 16’ truck backed into the driveway for a shorter unload to the door and not taking up the entire road. Boy was it hot!!! In the upper 80s we were sweating our butts off!! Literally sweating from places we didn’t know existed! Little did we know that the items in the smaller truck were also the lighter ones…we found that out on Sunday.

Hours and hours and hours of hot, sweaty hours but honestly it felt good to be moving and NOT DRIVING!! It was rather interesting as we had the first introduction to the neighborhood. It’s a destination for many just taking a ride in their gulf carts. Small kids across the streets that are learning boundaries of the road...they moved in two weeks before us. Amazingly, we reached the back wall of the small truck by nightfall and were shockingly able to return it to Home Depot. Poor Ryan had to drive it just a few more miles before the night was over!

After returning the truck we sought out dinner at The Cook Out – a fast food restaurant the boys were familiar with. We were amazed as how cheap it was to feed the three of us and was decent for fast food. We may have inadvertently interrupted a weed deal – but hey, we’re new here!

We were so excited to go to bed on Saturday night! Ryan’s air mattress (the actual mattress was in the big truck still!) places directly in the middle of the living room! Jokingly, I placed a down comforter on the Indy chair (which was doubling as living room furniture here since February). Never in a million years did I think it’d be needed given how hot we were. Low and behold, the nights were still getting cold and poor Ryan nearly froze right there in the middle of our living room!! While in his sleepy slumber he tried other options for warmth, it was his final attempt to use the down comforter to sleep!
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 #387675  by First Lady
 April 9th, 2021, 7:36 pm
Sunday morning, we started our day with Covid tests. Ryan needed a negative test to return to work on Tuesday and we figured it a good idea given that we were going to see my parents later in the week. As worried as I was that Ryan was going to have to hold my head and Keith swab to my brain, the three of us went into the little hut together to the sweetest girl who handed us the swab and we were each able to tickle our own brains! About 20 minutes later we were each getting calls with negative results - thank goodness and on to breakfast!

We went into Charleston to get special waffles for breakfast and gave Ryan a drive-by tour of the city…down King Street, to the water, back around Rainbow Row, past amazing window boxes, beautiful historic homes, cobblestone roads, and classical southern style! On the way back to the house, we stopped at the World’s Largest Sweet Tea – Summerville’s claim to fame – for a photo opp!! Only to return to the 26-footer awaiting our tired and sore muscles!


All afternoon we provided neighborhood entertainment with unloading and unloading and unloading and unloading all the super heavy, super fragile boxes!!! Literally there were moments that we thought we couldn’t go on!! Ryan kept just lying in the front yard…well that, and finding cobwebs somewhere to get covered in. Honestly, I don’t know where he was getting them from! As the evening approached, so did rain and it became constant just as the last few large, heavy pieces of furniture were found at the very front of the truck. We decided it better not to risk the slippery ramp and exhausted muscles with these and would do them in the morning. So instead, the boys broke in the pool!! It was freezing and pouring but they were in it and having a blast!

Come 9pm and we were in search of dinner. There was part of me that was a bit worried – 9 at night, on a Sunday, in the South…how would we ever find something open?! We had talked up a restaurant with an amazing duck sandwich and of course the only open location was 45 minutes away. We thought the least we could do was get Ryan this sandwich for all that he had done for us, so we piled into the car for the trip. Honestly, I fell asleep to the boys talking nonsense and laughing their heads up!!!!!!! They were clearly delusional!!!! Returning home for an extremely late dinner in the Indy chairs surrounded by boxes, but well worth it as the meal was great!!! What an awesome night just chatting and the boys finished off the bottle of Blue. It was fitting...Keith had originally purchased that bottle from Ryan's wedding and now they were finishing it together on our next journey!

Ryan relocated to the guest room into a real bed for the night! I'm pretty sure he only has one more set of stairs in him so it worked out well!
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 #387676  by First Lady
 April 9th, 2021, 7:36 pm
Monday morning Keith and I were up and emptied the last few items in the truck - all but the very heaviest item – it was hardly a two-person job when we loaded it into the truck in MA and we really needed the third for the distance into this house. To Ryan’s surprise, he only had one last lift to make, and it was all done!

We returned the 26’ truck to Home Depot and proudly said goodbye!! Though Ryan seemed to twitch a bit being close to his truck which was still in the lot from the day before. We were off to breakfast and then to get Ryan to the airport – the three of us thrilled he wasn’t driving home by himself!

As we pulled up to the terminal, of course I started to cry! We couldn’t ever thank Ryan enough for the amazing amount of work that he did to help us move!! It’s more than what friends do!!!! Big hugs, a bottle of sanitizer, and strapping him into his N95 mask – he was off!

Monday evening brought our move to an end as the car transport arrived!! We were eager to meet him and unloaded on a small road behind a local Lowes. It was so exciting to see them here and the unload process was as easy and well done as the loading. Keith took a ride up the lift and into the truck to help get the air ride in a good place for offload and both cars were perfect! A few smudges from condensation due to the change in temperatures but exactly as we gave them.

The best part was handing the guy a handful of cash and watching his eye almost explode!! He was shocked and as excited as a kid on Christmas. He said he was getting himself a case of beer once in FL! He deserved every penny of it for getting the cars here safely!

Pulling them into the garage was a true feeling of satisfaction – our life was officially in SC!
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 #387677  by First Lady
 April 9th, 2021, 7:38 pm
In the days that followed we tried to unpack in necessity spaces – the office for Keith to work in on Wednesday, the kitchen so we could scrounge up fuel, and our bedroom so we could sleep easy and begin new routines. Our return to work was a nice break from physical labor and the arrival of my parents for a long weekend were great distractions!

We weren’t as productive as we probably should have been, but we did get a little done, had a great afternoon in Charleston, and nice to catch up as it had been 20 months since we had last spent time with them in person (minus the 20 minutes or so that we got on the way to pick up John’s car back in August).

So far, it’s wonderful here! Everyone is so nice and the weather is AMAZING!!!! I’ve found skimming the pool to be very therapeutic and we’re slowly making all this new space ours. We’re scoping out the neighborhood and meeting everyone. Trying to remember names is so hard but at least the woman at the end of the cul da sac who stopped by on Easter Sunday as she was taking a stroll with her wine glass likely doesn’t remember meeting us! She was pretty tipsy! We’ve found a great pizza place close by, discovered how to recycle (in a state where it’s not really a thing!), and are learning how to get between point A and B without the help of a GPS. Conveniently, most trips find us driving past a custom golf cart place which I know Keith will find his way to before too long. Under/Over on when we get one and how long before it too is modified?!

While I’m thrilled to report nothing arrived broken (freaking amazing if you ask me!!), we have yet to stumble upon a few things. Plenty of boxes still to open and I know it’s here somewhere!

We’re continuing to make progress each day and hope to tackle the garage this weekend. Slowly spaces are opening and clearing of cardboard. Even more slowly we’re creating new routines – like opening the right drawer to find a spoon or fork.

While our to do list is long, we have been having fun and really hope to visit Days Inn South soon!!
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 #387680  by M-Pressive
 April 9th, 2021, 8:45 pm
Things are great down here!

Really hoping to get into the garage this weekend and get a bit more organized. Still have one car outside that I would like to get in the garage.
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 #387681  by FIREM
 April 10th, 2021, 8:26 am
Don't you love it when a plan comes together!! Congrats on the journey to the south. You will absolutely love it. No snow to shovel (but you could almost shovel the pollen)
Nice touch with a "Toast of Blue"! We can duplicate that (in crystal) when you are ready to visit!!
 #387682  by DDTOP
 April 10th, 2021, 9:04 am
You are quite a writer, Lindsey! Felt like I was on the trip with you! Glad all made it here and you're settling in! Can't wait to come visit and have you show us around Charleston! In the meantime, if you want a break from unpacking come visit US!!! Next 3 weekends are free and than the rest of May VERY busy! Planning a trip to Florida to see my mother, not seen her in almost 2 years! Then a trip to NJ! Would LOVE to see you and show yo Myrtle Beach area!
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 #387691  by LUNAT1C
 April 10th, 2021, 9:38 pm
Glad everything (and everyone) made it unbroken.

I'm ashamed to admit I still have not unpacked everything. Mostly because I need to design and build some closet organization and bookshelves in my office. Some day... Hopefully sometime this year we can take a road trip and visit you guys and the Days.
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 #387699  by Sneke_Eyez
 April 12th, 2021, 7:30 pm
Great write up, Lindsey. I'm still not 100% sure I've recovered from the experience, but I was glad to do it!
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 #387700  by monte4
 April 12th, 2021, 8:13 pm
Great write up. I enjoyed reading every word of it. I also enjoyed all the pictures.
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 #387707  by First Lady
 April 13th, 2021, 9:20 am
Sneke_Eyez wrote: April 12th, 2021, 7:30 pm Great write up, Lindsey. I'm still not 100% sure I've recovered from the experience, but I was glad to do it!
Haha, yes, it's still haunting us too :-)
 #387708  by 00R/T
 April 13th, 2021, 10:22 am
Sneke_Eyez wrote:Great write up, Lindsey. I'm still not 100% sure I've recovered from the experience, but I was glad to do it!
Hey buddy, you got any plans for this time next year? I may need a favor.

Congrats guys! I’m living vicariously through you, so I appreciate these updates.
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 #387736  by Sneke_Eyez
 April 15th, 2021, 8:03 am
00R/T wrote: April 13th, 2021, 10:22 am
Sneke_Eyez wrote:Great write up, Lindsey. I'm still not 100% sure I've recovered from the experience, but I was glad to do it!
Hey buddy, you got any plans for this time next year? I may need a favor.

Congrats guys! I’m living vicariously through you, so I appreciate these updates.
Haha, talk to me when I've had a year to recover!
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 #387741  by sparky99
 April 15th, 2021, 7:36 pm
I'm glad to hear that the move went well. I bet Keith was like a kid waiting for his christmas presents when the trucking company showed up with the cars.

Nice write up Lindsey, I hope we can make it down sometime, Charleston is a neat area. Congrats guys.
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