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 #387751  by LUNAT1C
And I'm sure both of you are looking at the weather reports coming out of New England right now and snickering.
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 #387753  by FIREM
Balmy 60-70’s here in the south and loving it
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 #387760  by First Lady
Yesterday it snowed in MA! A solid covering to make roads messy and people miserable. I’ve got to admit I greatly enjoyed finishing work and mowing the lawn, weeding some beds, and skimming the pool!! Boston, I love you but your weather leaves a bit to be desired...and I’ve found it!!
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 #387762  by Sneke_Eyez
I was in my office all day so it didn't matter to me. Always snows at least once in April in MA. It was melted by the time I got home. 61 tomorrow!
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 #387763  by LUNAT1C
Yup, always snows here at least once too. Supposedly that is scheduled for tomorrow. Then we can look forward to pollen... I made the mistake of moving to a neighborhood that was built within what used to be a state park. Surrounded by protected wetlands (skeeters) and protected trees. My blue Jeep was green last Spring, not too long after it was briefly white-ish.
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 #387765  by Sneke_Eyez
64 today and beautiful! Too bad I'm working (from home at least). Hoping to break away soon and finish a couple of quick projects while the weather is nice. High of 73 tomorrow!
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