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 #393643  by FIREM
WoW past few days have been crazy and not over yet.
Those of you caught up in this mess please stay safe!

Weather advisories showing how unhealthy the air is in the area.
Our family in NJ weather shows 250 ish on a scale of 500
Even Carlisle is impacted with a 266
(Just one more reason to get out of NJ :wink: :roll: )
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 #393644  by LUNAT1C
I think yesterday even here in Detroit the AQI was over 150. Looks like 66 (moderate) now. The fires are above us but the wind sent to the tri-state area and down the east coast. Carolinas supposedly might be impacted as well, though not nearly to the extent Philly and NYC have been.

NYC skyline was like a scene out of the recent Bladerunner film when they showed Vegas shrouded in red/orange dust.
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 #393645  by FIREM
Presently here in Myrtle Beach 15 mile visibility, so no air quality number.
Yesterday at the beach it was a little hazy but that just may have been the normal weather.
I’m guessing we will be impacted at a some point as we “northerners” have had an impact here on the locals LOL
 #393647  by Herb59
Orange/yellow everywhere and very stinky yesterday here on Long Island (New York). Better today but the index still shows a little over 300 here. I'm back to wearing my N95 masks that I had from Covid days.
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 #393649  by Herb59
Oops. meant a little over 150....still pretty bad.
 #393657  by StealthM
And we thought the air quality in jersey wasn't bad enough..... Can't wait to get outta here.....
 #393659  by 00R/T
I flew out to CA on Wednesday and my flight kept getting delayed because the plane was doing east coast routes beforehand. When we landed at LAX the captain said “it’s not everyday that LA has the clearest skies you’ve seen all day”.
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 #393661  by KxWarrior
at one point near me it was "450". It wasnt 450 for long, but during that time, it smelled of smoke pretty bad. I went outside for about a half hour, doing random things, went inside, and didnt go back out. Today was a lot better. around 80.
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