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 #380439  by davidmegan
 August 22nd, 2019, 10:32 am
I just bought a 2004 300m and it is so nice and preety. However, it has a long crack in the dashboard running from front to back, I have learned that this has happened often with the older 300m. In looking for solutions (repair, replacement and other), I came across this product: Replacement Dash Panels by CARID ( ... omponents/). Who out there in our club has tried this product? What were the final results after installation? Are you satisfied with it? In other words what are your thoughts? I really want to know before I order one. There may be other members in the same situation and would also like to know.

Thanks, David
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 #380440  by M-Pressive
 August 22nd, 2019, 10:46 am
I have dealt with dash cracks in both of my Ms by finding a replacement dash in a junkyard.

I an not a fan of the covers like you link to. Just doesn't keep that clean look and feel. Also pricey, an uncracked dash is cheaper then that in the yard and a few hours is all that is needed to replace it.
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 #380442  by adu1982
 August 22nd, 2019, 11:43 am
Plus they have that ugly airbag me that kinda look like a dash crack almost......

After 2 dash swaps (one on my Concorde, one on the special) I pulled my last 2 dashes in about 30-45 min. It might take a while to find one in the color you want , but its worth it. Make sure when you pull it they price it for you as dash pad (3 of the yard I have pulled from have a big difference, price wise, between dash pad and full dash). The dash I pulled last Friday costed only 35$ with taxes, fee , bla bla.... Vs 97.99$ for a full dash (that will usually include all the air ducts, harness, etc ).

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 #380445  by FIREM
 August 22nd, 2019, 1:56 pm
Welcome to the Club David. You have found the best place on the internet for information on the 300M and all LH cars on the planet. Let us know where you are from. May be a member near by that has a dash available for you.
One member has done this overlay and shared his results.
As noted by others, a good used dash from a yard, if you can find one usually is less costly than the cover.
Even in NJ, where a yard dash goes for $150 it just plain looks better if you can stay factory rather than a cover.

There are even "How To's" to guide you thru the process of removing and replacing the entire dash.
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 #380447  by LUNAT1C
 August 22nd, 2019, 4:29 pm
Strictly my opinion: By using one of those covers you're simply installing a new crack. It doesn't do anything but drain your wallet more than it should. I would live with the crack while I hunt down an un-cracked dash before I installed that molded piece that puts a new crack over the old crack.

There isn't necessarily anything wrong with those covers, they just don't solve the problem of a cracked dashpad, they make it worse.

As Bob said, this forum has a wealth of information on replacing the dash. I just did my own R&R a few weeks ago for evaporator replacement. I would do it again if mine cracked.
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 #380455  by In-trepid
 August 23rd, 2019, 9:02 am
David, I'm with the rest of the group above in that I prefer the stock look to the patched up look. I have pulled a number of dashes at the yard and replaced a few in the cars. The yard pull is less than an hour once you have done it before and the replacement is easily done in a day. As mentioned, the price of a good yard pull dash is roughly the same price of the cover up. In my area we have an abundance of cars in the yards right now with good dashes. They are usually in the $50 -$100 range, depending on the yard and what you get with it. I typically take the whole dash, instrument panel, bezels, wiring, BCM, airbags, etc. In that form, the last one cost $85. I'm in the Chicago area. Where are you located?
 #380466  by davidmegan
 August 24th, 2019, 9:52 am
I want to thank all of you members who took the time and respond to my inquiry on dashboard crack. For those you who inquired, I live in eastern Iowa near a BIG10 university. I am a retired police officer of 35 years on the job and just observed my 73rd birthday. I just bought a 2004 300m after a nationwide search online. This is my 2nd 300m and I let the first one go after the engine blew and regretted it ever since. Before I died I wanted to find another 300m and just ENJOY the pleasure of driving and admiring it. Thanks for your friendly welcome!
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 #380471  by EasyRider300M
 August 24th, 2019, 1:04 pm
David: You sound like a true 300M Enthusiast. You found the right place here to keep your car running and modded to your liking. I've been a member for 18 years now and I have received lots of advice and repair tips from the members here. I have also bought needed parts from other members and a few members even gave me hands on assistance with repairs.
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 #383720  by geralopez
 April 22nd, 2020, 11:38 am
Hi everybody!! Can you help me to find a Dashboard in good shape and conditions (no cracks) that I can buy in the USA? I'm in Monterrey Mexico but able to cross the border (by Texas, could be in Laredo or Hidalgo). I'm going to start working in the interior of my 'M and this is the first target I have in mind. I have found one in good condition but it is so far away from my site, it is in British Columbia Canada and the shipping cost to Texas is so high. I hope you can help me to find one in a good price and with the possibility to be sent to any mentioned US City at the border in Texas. Thank you and Best Regards.
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 #383726  by LUNAT1C
 April 22nd, 2020, 3:49 pm
I'm not familiar with Texas, but you can try to see if there is an LKQ in that area, or try copart to find the dash in a nationwide search.

Now that we own our home, one of the things I'll keep a lookout for is a good condition deep slate dash to store in my basement for when I need it.
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 #383738  by geralopez
 April 23rd, 2020, 8:12 am
Thank you Robert, it is a very valuable info you provide me, I have sent a message to LQK asking for one dashor I have seen in their website!! I will try to find it soon. I will post here after I find and buy my dashboard. Thank you again!!