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 #378846  by In-trepid
 April 28th, 2019, 1:53 pm
Glad to see that you made it back home ok. That is the longest trip that car has been on in some time. It snowed all day here, so I hope that it at least turned to rain as you made your way south and east. Snow is gone today though. Like I said, if there is anything you need, just ask. I have more parts than I know what to do with. I wish we had a little more time yesterday to allow us to rummage through some of the stash. Enjoy the car and I hope to see you and it again at Carlisle. I'm now down to only 3 LH cars - a 2003 Black Intrepid SXT and two 2004 Graphite 300m Specials (one with an engine and drivable).
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 #378850  by LUNAT1C
 April 28th, 2019, 9:03 pm
Got the replacement V belt idler pulley on and took the car for a spin. The tightened belts seem to have helped the whining noise when I get on it. I suspect if I can figure out why the adjuster on the v-belt won’t let me fully tighten it, and then tighten it more, the engine will be quiet during spirited driving. Still have a whistle somewhere, so at some point I’ll be hunting down a vacuum leak. Oil sample goes out for analysis tomorrow. Annoyingly, I didn’t record last years oil change, so cut the mileage difference from the 2017 change in half. Hardly 3300 miles last year...

Also got the new aluminum hood latches installed on Big Blue. No more hood flutter. Rolled around on my creeper under the Jeep to inspect the front universal joints and driveshaft, looking for a clunk down there... found the rzeppa joint boot at the transfer case on the front driveshaft ripped and slung grease all over the body heat shield. Great... time for a high angle rzeppa joint... and to think I got the lower 2.5” lift kit partly to avoid driveline issues. Oh well. Just Empty Every Pocket.
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 #378899  by M-Pressive
 May 2nd, 2019, 8:28 am
Had the window tint on the back window of the black special replaced. It was done way before I bought it and was two pieces. The seam was starting to show.

Looks way better!
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 #378903  by Sneke_Eyez
 May 2nd, 2019, 11:34 am
Forgot to update my recent car work.

Late on Thursday evening of last week I got started on the Ram's driver's side wheel bearing.
In the process, it became clear that the front brake rotors and pads were not in great shape, so I bought new rotors and pads for the front of the truck - ceramic pads this time rather than the OEM semi-metallic - and did the driver's side bearing, rotor, and pads.
However, by the time I was finishing on Friday night it was pouring, so I didn't do the passenger side rotor and pads.
Of course, its been raining each time I've had the time to do it since then.
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 #378905  by LUNAT1C
 May 2nd, 2019, 3:02 pm
Hoping the weather this weekend turns out at least OK, instead of wet. It's been raining heavily here, enough that there's been considerable flooding to the south. 12 ft of water at some of the sunken highway underpasses.

Saturday is the 1st meet of the year for DAMM, from 12-6 nearby. I plan to attend with Luna if the morning rain doesn't leave the roads wet by late morning. Afterward, I'll be working on the Jeep. Need to remove the front driveshaft and replace the CV/Rzeppa joint at the transfer case end. New High-Angle Rzeppa joint should be coming in today.

I don't think that will fix the clunk I'm hearing, but the torn boot on the factory joint requires it to be done. While my torque wrench is out I'll check my control arms and body mounts and geometry-correction brackets. Maybe they worked loose after 40,000+ miles on the lifted suspension.
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 #378910  by adu1982
 May 3rd, 2019, 8:50 am
Worked every day to get the LHS done before the trip. The wife is not too happy with having to take the RDvz (the special has a gas smell (dunno why, it's my only lh car that has a fairly new oem fuel line) ) and the base , well, we never really take it on longer trips than Miami.

Yesterday I finally started it (had to redo the tranny pan, damn felpro gasket leaked , no time for new Mopar so i rtv-ed the hell out of it), and was not happy.
I put a lower mile starter in (that I had from the white parts car I had) and I think it rattles at the starter seems like it....hope it didn't ruined the flywheel teeth. Looks all lined up so can't figure what it could be.
Also both my front cats are not perfectly lined up so I see exhaust leak , small but annoying , they looked almost perfectly lined up...guess not.

Also replaced all the subframe bushings, the lower control arms, strut rod bushings, installed lower cam bolts, swapped the glass from the original door (the donor door had messed up tint on the glass), replaced the broken front pass handle.

Gonna try a few more hours today , and if not will have to give up and check it out in 10+ days when we come back.

What could make the chatter does start normal?

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 #378938  by NoTime
 May 4th, 2019, 11:47 pm
Made my 1st ever junkyard trip today.
On Monday my seat recline snapped while I was getting my keys out of my pocket (I think it was half broke for a few months) I used a box and some mats to keep the seat back up this week.

So, I picked up a black seat from the u-pull-it. I thought I was going to need a cover to live with a black seat in a beige car...but when studying the seat I realized it didn’t look too bad to swap the bottom mechanisms. I now have a working beige seat.

I also replaced my interior rear passenger door handle and my oil cap (also from the yard)

They only had (3) base 300’s so there wasn’t anything fancy to get.
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 #378940  by beespecial
 May 5th, 2019, 12:52 pm
Since the sun is shining today (finally!) and the temps are in the seventies, I was able to apply some leatherique rejuvenator to my interior. It's closed up and sitting in the sun to bake. I will probably let it bake tomorrow too since it's supposed to be even warmer. I'm anxious to see what kind of improvement it's going to make. I didn't realize how badly dried out my leather was until I looked closely at FIREM's seats and saw how soft and uncracked they were. Wow! :shock:
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 #378941  by remi
 May 5th, 2019, 2:05 pm
I did an engine oil change and drained the coolant on my PHP, as the coolant got orange again (I have a HOAT G05 Glysantin in it which is yellow. It was also due for a bath... I used a new shampoo for the first time and it worked OK, or so I thought! Once dry it revealed sooooooo many white traces EVERYWHERE! I spent a lot of time with a clean rag and windshield washer fluid, and got most of them.
Also, cleaned my brother's PHP 16" rims, my Special 18" and my PHP 17" rims.

The Cougar developed a weird noise at the front, I think the entire cradle is moving while driving. Steering is not as firm as it used to be, I'll have to check that asap!
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 #378942  by M-Pressive
 May 5th, 2019, 4:46 pm
Not a damn thing car related.

Weather has sucked here for about a month. All four cars need stuff done to them and I haven't gotten to anything on the long lists.
 #378944  by 00R/T
 May 5th, 2019, 5:36 pm
M-Pressive wrote:Not a damn thing car related.

Weather has sucked here for about a month. All four cars need stuff done to them and I haven't gotten to anything on the long lists.
Same here. Car stuff and house stuff. I haven’t been able to do anything outside. We haven’t had a good weekend yet this spring.
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 #378947  by LUNAT1C
 May 6th, 2019, 10:26 am
I finally had a productive weekend. Saturday I rolled Luna out of the garage and wheeled out the shop vac, and got to work vacuuming the carpet, seats, door panels, trunk. Amazing what builds up under the floor mat. I then wiped down the interior with Meguiar's interior quik detailer wipes, wiped down the paint with Meguiar's Last Touch detailer spray (I've switched almost entirely to their professional Detailer Series line of products), and cleaned the windows and wiper blades with a can of glass cleaner that the glass shop gives to every customer (windshield replaced last June, just before Carlisle). I also applied more Zaino tire dressing. Best dressing I've used so far.

I took her to the 1st DAMM meet of the year. With the windows down and trunk and hood open, I stood back and chatted with several of the regulars in the group. Folks I consider basically family. I watched and saw quite a few people were gathered around Luna, looking in the interior and in the trunk. Always nice to see her draw a crowd, even with a 1st gen Viper parked directly across from her, plus a few Demons, some widebodies, several Hellcats, a Daytona Ram right next to her, and even a Redeye and a Gladiator showed up.

Sunday was Jeep day. Saturday night I started cleaning out the garage (50% done, need to either set the black car on the ground and move it outside, or work around it) and cleared off my workbench. Over winter I had acquired a set of rolling Craftsman tool chests, a cordless Craftsman impact gun, and from Harbor Freight I got magnetic accessories for the chests. Power strip, box of gloves dispenser, shop towel holder. I finally got to use all of that, plus the bluetooth JBL speaker that I got on Black Friday. I spent 5 hours rebuilding my front driveshaft with a new high-angle Rzeppa joint from TeraFlex. I figured out that I need to pick up a few more tools (smaller 1/4" ratchet, normal 3/8" ratchet, 18mm impact socket, small cutters, etc.). Then I can get to organizing the tool chests better.

New joint is in. I still need to clean the body heat shield and TC skid plate where grease had sprayed from the boot that tore. No odd noises, so it all seems to have gone back together OK. I might have caught it before it could cause much damage to the factory joint. Hopefully it never happens again with the high-angle boot flange (which made installation to the transfer case a pain... I won't need to do any arm workouts anytime soon...). And in about 500 miles I'll be jacking the Jeep back up to rotate the tires and do a full spring cleaning on them. Iron decon, clay bar, polishing, touch-up paint, and wheel coating on the inside barrel and outside face.

Sometimes I wish I could be normal and have a rotation just be a rotation... but then I see $80,000 SUVs with black front wheels and normal silver or chrome rear wheels because its owner doesn't care about the lease and I'm glad I take care of my vehicles.
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 #379014  by Null
 May 17th, 2019, 12:04 pm
Finally got around to hooking up the lighted cigarette socket I found from a Jeep years ago... here are a few pics before putting it in the car

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 #379017  by adu1982
 May 17th, 2019, 9:53 pm
Finally started working on the special with the abs issue; checked resistance and is about the same on all 4 (.920 to .990 ) . They all get voltage through the wiring. Wiggled ale the wires. Codes come up for front and rear passenger side as soon as you go over 15-25 mph for 3-4 car lengths.
Checked alternator toi, a bit low at 13.50+ at the alternator.... But that wouldn't cause such an issue I believe. Maybe abs controller....

Did discover the reason for my rear clunk .....that I guess , I never investigated as I believed it was broken mount...nope easy fix, maybe tomorrow .... Completely destroyed upper links ... Barely any rubber left on the top bushings...

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 #379054  by dcsally97
 May 25th, 2019, 8:24 pm
Finally buttoned up the valve body and solenoid pack replacement. I have been working on it for a few hours everyday after work since Wednesday. Cleaning the pan, pan bolts, removing RTV, and adding a drain plug. I topped it off this morning and then we had our oldest daughters graduation and party until about 6. I returned home, checked the fluid level again and took it for a spin. All I can say is WOW! It shifts so much better now. There was always been a slight hesitation under WOT (not linear and smooth), that is now gone. I guess since the original lasted 200k+ miles, these should last for at least that long. The job wasn't too difficult either. I had a little help from the 300M Club, a YouTube video and Thanks to all the people who have posted about this repair in the past.
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