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 #392013  by monte4
Man Florida sure got walloped. I couldn't imagine going through that. Now the storm is going to hit again just south of Myrtle Beach. Hope everyone will be ok as some on the forum I think live near there. Stay safe everyone.
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 #392014  by FIREM
As ready as we can be. Due to arrive near us by mid day Friday. We believe we are far enough inland to miss the brunt of the storm.
Will update as the day progresses. May wack the Charleston area before us so keep Lindsey & Keith in your thoughts also.
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 #392017  by LUNAT1C
I keep seeing Charleston as the 2nd US landfall as a Category 1. Not very powerful, but the city of Charleston is low-lying and vulnerable even just to tides, let alone ocean surges. Keith and Lindsey are also further inland and not on the coast, so hopefully they get nothing more than lots of rain and wind and flickering lights.

My family is 30 minutes north of West Palm Beach on Florida's east coast, power went out a few times but nothing major otherwise.
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 #392018  by FIREM
All good overnight here. Wind and rain, no big deal. Mid day should be interesting as they say that is when the brunt arrives.
Stay Safe
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 #392025  by First Lady
Ian has just about left our area now. Had major rain and moderate wind with some gusts mixed in. Lost internet and power flickered much of the day but never out for more than a few moments.

Lots of yard debris to pick up and setting up our outdoor live again (everything went into the garage).

Family in FL is all safe and accounted for thankfully! Those in Fort Myers were lucky but have a lot of work to do to help those around them. My parents will be getting new flooring throughout their house thanks to flooding and still without power.

Hoping those members in FL faired well enough also!
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 #392026  by FIREM
All good here in Myrtle Beach! Couple of small branches in the yard but that’s it. Over all the community had a few trees down but nothing to complain about.
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