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How many wipecards to you give out during the week?

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Until I don't have any ink left in my printer!
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 #338943  by adu1982
Never knew about the thing.... I will print some tomorrow. Without this club and the lh forums I would never gotten my last 3 used cars .... and the past 3 ski vacation would have all been monthly car payments...
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 #339382  by M-Pressive
Please take a moment and check out our new wiper card design here- ... inalsm.pdf

Print a sheet of them so you can let people know about all the great information we have to offer.

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 #340127  by Chrysler1924
Printed out a stack of these. Now if only I could just remember to go put them in the 300M when I go out to it...
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 #340136  by M-Pressive
Chrysler1924 wrote:Printed out a stack of these. Now if only I could just remember to go put them in the 300M when I go out to it...
Sounds good, you may be the first person to use the new design.
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 #340148  by Chrysler1924
SilverSpecial wrote: Sounds good, you may be the first person to use the new design.
My problem is that on more than a couple occasions I've gotten notes back on my windshield saying "I already got one of these cards. Please don't do this again."

So, now I have to keep a running note on my phone with three columns that looks like this:

CT ZOC PTE RazorStars *2E Tails
CO HSO PTE RazorStars *Right Side Door Damage
PA T1C DSB LX Rims *Custom Badge Insignia
MA VRM PS2 Blk-Accent *Chrome Pillars

State, Last 3 of Marker Plate, Rims, Custom Note

This way, if I'm not able to catch the plate, or if I forget to look at the plate, there are still other identifying characteristics noted to make sure the same 300M is not bothered twice. By the time I had left the Cleveland, Ohio area... I had a list of 30+ cars I had tagged, which is where this came in super handy.
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 #345294  by FIREM
BUMP Keep spreading the word about our site!
I am also active on a few other sites and we are seeing some folks come over and visit "This Thing of Ours"
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 #345312  by adu1982
Yup yup... I started on lhforums .... And then came here...
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 #388791  by FIREM
A BUMP of an old Topic!
As Secretary I send a set of cards to each and every new member.
Don't see a lot of M's (or LH cars) on the road anymore, so I have a "new" use for these cards.
Ever notice you are probably not the first to visit "Chrysler/Dodge land" in the junk yard?? :shock:
So why not "Tag" those care and spread the word about us....... :wink:
I take a stack every time I go yarding....
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 #388804  by LUNAT1C
With my luck at junkyards, the sloppy print would be impossible to read... you know, from the rain that follows me. :lol:
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 #390465  by FIREM
Just another "BUMP" to see if anyone has had success using the cards.
I did run into a guy in the local Pick & Pull that found one of my cards.
Hope he shows up on the forum one of these days..... ... inalsm.pdf
 #390470  by TrepKing95
I'll have to get some cardstock to make a batch; I'll put some in each of my cars and keep a few in my toolbox at work for the elusive LH that comes in for a dealer repair!
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 #392404  by FIREM
ANOTHER BUMP to keep things going here!
2022 I have only processed 32 New Member Packets and they all include a stack of cards.
Fairly easy to print them up and pass them out at car shows, any time you see a LH or even at the salvage yard!
Folks are out there picking parts off these cars. I went to the local yard only a day or two after a 300M arrived (as posted on their site).
Headlights, radiator, and other misc parts already removed, hardware still laying around, so the parts were removed there.
Tagged the car along with other LH's while I was there.
Get the word out, attract new members!!!
Unfortunately, not much worth having off this one, Interior trashed 04 base.
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 #392407  by In-trepid
That is a great idea with tagging the yard cars. I see the same thing. People are getting parts for these cars from the yards.
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 #393051  by FIREM
Recently spotted a few "fresh" M's locally. White 01 and a Black 02.
Tapped the horn and tried to get their attention only to get weird looks.
Need to stock up on wiper cards in the ElCamino and remember what I'm driving when I try to be M friendly.......
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 #393088  by HFK
While reading the first post I had to check the date as you just don't see many around anymore. I did see one other two weeks ago in the Publix lot but my wife was driving so I couldn't check it out. Looked like new though, probably the Florida car for when they are in town. First one I've seen since buying mine except the 02 special at the yard that I grabbed a few things off of.

Like the idea and also putting them in the yards. As for people not responding to lights/horns/waves you have to remember that unlike us for others this is just a car to drive and they have no idea what the heck you want.