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 #394687  by M-Pressive
For the past 6 months or so I have been pondering a bunch of different options for M-Pressive.

As many of you know, the car currently has liquid wrap on it, which has done well but it is def starting to show it's age.

It is time to figure out a final paint job for the car. I have the color picked out (will remain a secret), but I will be updating this thread with progress as it happens.

I am hoping for a 2024 or early 2025 completion date on the project. Will depend on me finding a painter I trust to do the the work. So far, I have not found that person.

In addition it will be getting a couple of new modifications to the body of the car as part of this.
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 #394688  by M-Pressive
My last few months have been heavily focused on finding the last of the new OEM parts that are out there for these cars.

So far I have located and purchased the following:

All 4 fender liners (with the help of Trepking95 I was able to find the last front for each side in the world). One was in the middle of nowhere in Montana.
All 4 chrome window surrounds (would have never though these were available). Mine are old and beat up. New trim will really pull together the new paintjob and look.
Seals and rubber trim: Inner window rubber, under the door rubber, cladding rubber, over the doors rubber, trunk seal, hood seal and a bunch of others. Was really excited to find these, many were the last item in the world left at dealers.
Passenger fender, mine has some damage so replacing it was needed.

I have a like new carpet and many other pieces to install as well during the rebuild.

I can't wait to pull this all together and show it off when it is done. As a part of this the entire car will be rewired and rebuilt to make sure things are running optimally.
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 #394689  by M-Pressive
I'm calling this a restomod.

With the additional mods being added and the addition of new parts it should really make the car special again.
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 #394692  by FIREM
Santa bringing a 4.0 Stroker??
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 #394704  by Sneke_Eyez
Sounds like a good time! I am looking forward to seeing what you do with it!
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 #394710  by LUNAT1C
Can’t wait for this to take shape! I’m with you on finding the right body shop for the bulk of the specialty work, that will make or break the whole thing.
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 #394733  by M-Pressive
A true unicorn part arrived the other day.
This is literally the last passenger liner in the world. Arrived without a box from Montana. Thankfully it arrived fine.

I was happy it came with the battery door and all the hardware.
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 #394735  by Sneke_Eyez
Good find!
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 #395941  by M-Pressive
I was finally able to find a replacement 83 mustang GT hood scoop after about a year of looking.

Jumped into a couple mustang groups on Facebook and made a deal last week.

There will be some changes made but I figured it didn’t make sense to cut up a good hood. Finding a new scoop saved me from that.

My current hood will come off and get sold. Or I should say it is sold when it comes off.
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 #395958  by Sneke_Eyez
Awesome, great find!