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 #389756  by mvent
Hello, I'm a Mopar guy and coworker has 2000 300M that's needs to be removed from their yard. Been sitting 5-6 years since her husband passed. Needs brake line and is covered in sap/mold? Anyway going to look at it tomorrow. Think mileage is around 80k. What in particular should I be checking?
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 #389760  by Sneke_Eyez
Welcome to the Club, Mike. To check I'd say you're looking at rust primarily, the undersides of these cars have a tendency to rot if they're parked on/over a moist area (grass in particular).
I once planned to buy a 300M with only 42k miles that was in excellent condition inside and exterior paint-wise, but the underside was totally rotted away.

Otherwise things to check are brake lines, exhaust, gas tank straps, shocks, struts, etc.
Once you get it in your possession it will require a review of the cooling system, particularly the water pump and timing belt, as those are to be done every 7 years.
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 #389765  by LUNAT1C
Agreed, rust will be the main concern point, assuming the car isn't currently running (and therefore no ability to check for overheating or proper HVAC function).

If you do decide to purchase it, plan on replacing the timing belt and water pump immediately, unless the previous owner has documentation of it being done in the last 7 years (which I doubt if it sat for 5+ years).

You already mentioned bad brake lines. Other rust to check would be fuel tank straps, engine cradle, and general underbody rust, particularly at the front and rear subframe hard points. If the car was sitting in the driveway or on a concrete pad all this time then it might be fine, but if it's been in the grass, then it would all be suspect. Grass-storage is always bad for any car.
 #389769  by mvent
Looked at it this morning, complete car, all body panels look good, small tear in drivers seat, good tires factory chrome wheels. I've decided to pass, couldn't get a good look underneath, has been sitting on crushed rock driveway. Always liked these cars but just won't have the time to give it the attention it needs for awhile. If anyone is interested car is in R.I. and can be bought for around 1k. Not advertised as of now.