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A place for new and perspective members to get more information about the club.

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 #393155  by Ercouper
New to the group. I will be joining as a paid member cuz I just purchased a very nice 2004 300M base. 133,000 miles, no rust, charcoal gray. Previous owner has replaced nearly everything important in the last 10K miles. Timing belt, struts, front control arms, tie rods. New coolant and water pump with the belt. Carfax shows new oil every 5-6000 at the most. Usually around 3500 miles. Newer Michelins; wrong size. Oh yeah, transmission has new fluid and filter, so the receipt says. Spent half it's life in California, then the rest here in Iowa.
Only blems are a torn and worn drivers seat, a 6" dent in the right rear door which looks easy to fix. One crack in the dash and discoloration of some of the plastic parts in the front seat area.
I've driven it 1500 miles so far and love it. Car drives very nice and tight.
I will do my own maintenance.
More later, with questions.
Just trying this out for size to see how it works.
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 #393156  by EasyRider300M
Welcome to the best place on the internet to help keep your M in top shape. Be sure to visit our knowledgebase area for step by step repair topics....that alone is worth the cost of membership. Enjoy your new to you M.
 #393157  by StealthM
Welcome to the club Cory.. You will find this site the most informative regarding your new ride. And a great bunch of gear heads around...
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 #393163  by LUNAT1C
Best place to be for any LH vehicle is right here. I've been a full member since 2009 and it has saved me thousands in repairs over the last 14 years. Welcome!
 #393167  by Ercouper
Thanks All for the welcome.
I just became a club member so I can peruse the forum without restrictions.
I plan on keeping this ride for many years and miles and appreciate the expertise available on this site for a do-it-yourselfer like me. My main hobby is airplanes and these LH cars compliment my airplane ventures with some class!

Thanks again,
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 #393173  by M-Pressive
Welcome to the club!

Thanks for joining
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 #393175  by FIREM
Welcome and enjoys. We have more knowledge here than anywhere in the internet and Chrysler combined.

New member packet will be mailed out in a day or two (just returning to reality from vacation)
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 #393272  by Sneke_Eyez
Welcome to the Club, Corey! I have family that lives about 45 miles from you in Iowa. I haven't been there in about 10 years, but I enjoy it every time I make it back.