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LED, Color Changes, Custom Lenses, whatever

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 #384278  by AndyPre
 May 23rd, 2020, 10:40 am
Hi all!

I had searched the forum quite a bit, but did not see anything for this "mod". As you know, Euro-spec cars have the parking lights integrated into the headlight unit and they are white. I have always liked the look of North American cars with the turn signals as parking lights and wanted the same for my car.

Disclaimer: before you go ahead with this mod, make sure you don't get in trouble with your local law enforcement, inspection, etc. Especially the Germans frown upon orange parking lights. But since I don't live in Germany and my local jurisdiction could care less, I went ahead with it. Also, I left the white integrated parking lights hooked up.

Since I did not find this topic covered here before (or I did not go back far enough), I did some research myself. At first I thought the car used separate bulbs. But when I found out in another thread that the bulb is the same as for the rear brake/taillight (3157, 27/7W), I bought two bulbs thinking the EU models used a different one (single 27W).

Using a pdf of the shop manual with wiring diagrams for both "except export" and "export" cars, I found that the socket was the same for both NA and EU with 3 wires going in, and the black/yellow wire fed the parking lamp (7W part of the bulb). The only difference was that the B/Y wires on my car dead-ended somewhere in the harness. The same color combination fed the Euro-lights as well. So in theory, all I needed was a certain length of wire for both sides and a splicing device of my choice.

Here comes the practical part. I removed the black shroud covering the radiator (just a couple of clips holding it in), the bumper (3 clips on top, 5 from the bottom, and the 2 10mm nuts accessible from the little hatch in the wheelwell), and those endlessly long screws holding the headlights in. Then I unclipped the connector to the EU parking light and freed the wiring a little for access. I used about 40 cm of wiring (each side) I salvaged from my old radiator fan (recently replaced) - this is a good length as it allows for slack when the bumper is on the floor. When I removed the turn signal socket, I was surprised to find that the 3157 bulb was already in there. I spliced the 40 cm wire both the the B/Y wire of the EU parking light and the B/Y wire of the harness going to the turn signal socket and voilà! Worked like a charm. I honestly thought it would be more involved, but given that they used the exact same sockets and bulbs, it was a walk in the park.

But here is the result in pictures:
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 #384333  by Sneke_Eyez
 May 28th, 2020, 8:09 am
Nice mod! I'm not surprised they just used the same bulbs. Glad it was an easy process!