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LED, Color Changes, Custom Lenses, whatever

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 #387562  by Basheer.D
The headlamps on my 99m are completely fogged and I am looking to upgrade. I'm at a very beginner level when it comes to replacing a part like this and don't want to make any rookie mistakes.

I would like to install HID's if possible but not sure what other Chrysler owner's have done and if HID is the best way to go. I would appreciate suggestions and what to purchase and/or links to possible bulbs/ headlamp replacements that you guys would recommend.
 #387563  by StealthM
Probably the easiest upgrade you can do is swap out your old fogged ones for a set of Special HIDs. Plug and play.
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 #387564  by In-trepid
I will be happy to sell you some HID headlights completely refinished and help you in your effort to get these installed. Where are you located?
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 #387565  by LUNAT1C
The best easy upgrade for you is a set of factory headlights from a 300M Special. They come with HID projectors. John up there usually has a set available that has been completely refurbished to be like new again (fixed mounts and clear lenses).
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 #387579  by monte4
I'll second you getting a set of Special headlights from John. You won't regret it.
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 #387582  by In-trepid
Thanks guys for the recommendation. I'm currently getting a set ready for Basheer as well as a couple of extra sets that I will eventually put up for sale. I collected a few sets over the years and need to start reducing my parts stock some as I'm running out of room in my storage unit. Once I replace the dashes in my two Specials, it will free up a bit more room. I'm a sucker for getting headlights and mirrors as well as usable front bumpers from any Specials that I come across in the yards so I'll probably always have headlights and mirrors available for some time in the future. Front bumper repair is going to be the next thing I tackle with some special tools to complete the repairs needed on my agenda for my next tool purchase. I have headlights down pretty good now. They just take a bit of time to refinish properly.